I was asked to explain an academic weakness and strength, then a personal weakness and strength. User Name Password Remember Me? What do you do if you think the animal you are treating has been abused? Good news for me I did not have any essay questions to answer! I just had my interview October 15th!

But you can breathe a little easier knowing which mistakes to avoid as you work through applications. November 20, at How do these events affect your future patients? Some aspect of public health was discussed in almost all of her interviews. The essay topics are just another method for the admissions committee to get to know the applicant more. His brother then became his source of inspiration. Do you feel the being on an island i.

Sutures and Sand July 13, at 9: What would make you a good vet Write about an event or something that changed you Write about someone who is a mentor to you these are not the exact wording for the essays, but the main gist After the essay, she came back in and we started the interview.

What would you do if you saw a fellow student cheating? Various scenarios involving euthanasia or simply what do you think of euthanasia. Thankfully, they were on various social programs, which were a big help for allowing him to go back to school and solely do school. Sutures and Sand November 21, at Next, I got to ask her some questions. The biggest ezsay Chad learned throughout this whole journey is to pick something and dedicate yourself to it.


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How does the essay work on a skype interview? Chad did well in his postbac, getting a GPA of almost 3.

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Hey, intervew you so much for this post, I have my interview tomorrow and really appreciate the preparation! January 21, at 2: Laura September 7, at Missteps during the medical school application process are a little more worrisome.

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In fact, she was ready to go to the Caribbean with him. All times are GMT I compiled a list, and practiced answering them aloud. July 1, at Interfiew time went on, he went to serve on a mission in Brazil for two years and developed an interest in helping people. Application Part Two Part two of your interciew can be completed in one of two ways: Their advice could help you with everything from selecting schools to gearing up for interviews. Meanwhile, Chad also heard of SMPs.

Another large school in the area, Utah Valley University had an open enrollment with no minimum requirements, so he was able to put together his own academic plan and took it from there, also knowing that he had to take the MCAT.


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He knew he had some changes to make with the way he approached schooling, but it was something he was never really good at. A lack of knowledge might make you stand out, but certainly not in a positive way. Notify me of new comments via email.

sgu interview essay

How would you go about dealing with this situation? Danielle Sandor November 22, at 2: After years of fulfilling pre-medical school requirements, students are finally given the opportunity to take a step forward toward their dream.

That would be funny if it was me that she was interviee about, and then we end up being in the same class!

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September 18, at 1: I love your blog it has really helped me prepare for my interview. Bridget March 18, at It all just depends on how much you need to do to feel onterview and prepared!

Katelyn September 18, at 1: The curriculum is rich and challenging, the courses are taught at a breakneck pace, and the whole experience is a deeply transformative journey.