You could certainly add features like placing it online and allowing for tagging of photos. You might also want to get the program to create dynamic visual displays of the random questions being asked, such as creating triangles of the dimensions being tested. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You have an idea on the sections that you need to present so you should put together some questions for your main user to get the answers you need to start putting this together. This will prove to the marker that your project has a real client.

Policies and guidelines Contact us. Do not repeat the “year ” problem where developers stored the year as only two digits causing millions of pounds to be spent fixing it when the year “ticked over” to zero again. You aren’t a multi-billion pound IT firm and you probably don’t have much more than a years programming experience. Fundamentals of databases Specification link What the specification says you must learn for each chapter. From the choices that you suggested pick the best one and explain why.

I have some experience of Visual Basic from the first year VB.

a2 computing coursework wikibooks

These might include the system not storing user log in details as these will be managed by LDAP or, a system not enforcing spin on a pool ball, as that specific feature isn’t needed by the teacher and the developer not having enough time to implement it. If you know someone who runs a small business could you write a system to keep track of when staff were on duty, how much stock they have, how many sales they make?


You might get away with it by building it in mySQL with a web front end, but you should still be looking to include some of the more complex topics such as displaying graphs and statistical data on sales. Is it that core to what you are doing? So now it’s time to start thinking about what sort of project you are going to make.

A-level Computing/AQA/The Computing Practical Project

Once you have finished presenting your research you need to summarise what it said and explain why you used each research method. This page was last edited on 31 Julyat You might want to throw in some nice features such q2 a messaging and mailing system. NET The user doesn’t need to access it from multiple computers It requires a server and networking know-how. This is great because if you work hard enough then you can make sure you get some really good marks, you have access to the mark scheme after all!

S – Yes M – Yes, Wikkibooks could evidence this by showing screen shots of this happening A – Yes, this should be possible R – Yes, this is core to running the system T – Yes, this should be achievable within the time given. You need to recognise all the usersbig and small, of your system.

If they use Microsoft Office then an interface similar to that software suite would be suitable.

Retrieved from ” https: Whilst you computjng getting those skills, head over to Design. Over the course of the project you will be creating a report.

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Limitations are slightly harder to list. Views Read Edit View history. If I was tasked with making a stock control system I could use the following things with a lot more detail!


You need to label the arrows to explain exactly what is moving about.

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Now you have completed your Analysis you need to start making your project. Views Read Edit View history.

a2 computing coursework wikibooks

Wikiboos will need to provide the following information for everything you will store data on:. This might involve copying an email into the document. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved from ” https: The ages are between 11 and 16, so why not make the age 16 in length? Where are you going to get this data from?

a2 computing coursework wikibooks

Write all of this down somewhere, it’s going to come in useful for your Analysis! A database of shop sales that allows people to update stock and add new stock items.

A-level Computing 2009/AQA/The Computing Practical Project

Realistic appraisal of the feasibility of potential solutions ii. Before you start making your project you need to know what you are going to make. The general shop floor staff should only be able to sell items and print out receipts.

If not, how would you make them complex? For example if they use a Computung all the time then an interface similar to an OS X interface would be useful.