Here are some additional, practice writing prompts and exercises to help you prepare for your PTK exam essay: Maybe I just got lucky and was given questions over material with which I was already familiar. Both you and your students will gain more from a lesson plan that has been thoughfully written. I also copied it into Word and printed it to study from, as I remember ink and paper information better than computer screen information yes, it sounds odd, but do what works. For general questions call: I have been a teacher in Christian schools for 25 years.

Now, back to the books. I know that I can communicate succinctly and that, because of 15 years as a reporter, I know how to write to communicate. I am in the process of forcing myself to make time to study, though, and plan to tackle the PTK exam in February or March, leaving myself enough time to repeat it, if I need to, before my time runs out in May. I also thought about how I would answer the writing components on the practice exams. Oh, boy, was I right.

I have just completed the same writing prompt. I did not do any outside reading apart from the workshops and googling terms and people with which or whom I was unfamiliar. It must contain information that will result in a better execution of the activities since a good lesson plan provides a guide in delivering the lessons effectively. Lucindyl and Wood, keep in touch if you want and let me know how things are going for you.


Trish – I answered your question in another post – yes, you will have to take the entire exam again! I am nervous about the writing part. Take your time on the exam and think through the answers. You only have 1 hour and it passes quickly. This helps you to notice mistakes you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise 5. I’ve just about made up my mind to go for it, but I plan to stay in Mo and I will go for the Language Arts for grades They said I had the right package.

For the most part, I think that this gave me peace of mind, as I knew what to expect going into the exam. I received a “6”.

General Questions

Your response will be evaluated based on how well you communicate your message to the intended audience, not on your personal opinions, position, or point of view. As a teacher, there is no better way to teach than to plan lessons more thoughtfully and productively. He has a position for me if it receives funding.

WashingtonDC A couple of them said that if I am to be certified by the state of Missouri, that is good enough. Which state are you in, Charles?

I highy recommend watching the writing component webinar a few times to esssy sure you catch the requirements. Write a memo to your fellow teachers describing strategies for cultivating a positive classroom questlons.

As for the lack of student teaching: Moreover, if lessons are carefully planned, minimal problems will be encountered. Very little studying has gotten done; the job is During the first week of school you have a student in your first period class who is chronically late and lacks basic supplies necessary for class.


abcte ptk essay questions

Still waiting on my score: The first time I tried to take the PTK, they wouldn’t let me because my drivers license was expired. I’m already planning my future classroom and making lesson plans. You usually have much of value to say.

I know now that I did not format the essay for the PTK as a memo, which was requested in the essay stem, and Prk did not do it in a five-paragraph format. I would like to get in contact with other students or those who have completed the test to see about their experiences.

I watched the writing webinar video a few times and practiced while timing myself.

How I Scored a 6 on the PTK Essay | ABCTE

You will need it. If you follow all of their advice, then you WILL pass the essay.

abcte ptk essay questions

You will have a dry erase type of scratch pad to make notes or an outline. How is that possible?