Those products can also be received by the customers as an appreciation or gift for their stay in such hotels. It can be heated by electricity, gas, oil and coal. Cake-is a form of food that is usually sweet and often baked. The schedule below shows when and how much will be the expenses for marketing the product. Cleanliness and Sanitation The primary concern of the company is to maintain cleanliness and sanitation in kitchen, working areas like office, comfort rooms, inside and outside of the company and even the employees must sanitize their hands every 15 minutes of working hours. Mixing all the ingredients needed to make Ampalaya Cupcakes.

The following should be considered: In , Lemon Square had to thoroughly modernize its operations to keep up with the times. Specifically the study aimed to answer the following questions: Garbage disposal in any places inside and outside of the company is very necessary to make duties less demanding. Quality Control Inspectorwill check the quality and number of products for producing it out to the market.

BBS cupcakes can be served as a good dessert for a meal. It is predicted that the big growth of cupcake industry will end up on stability of its supply. The flour was added interchangeably with milk.

In comparing the two trials, we observed that trial two is improving. Packager Cupcake Box Packaging Step 4: With this, the group tnesis to choose the said product to be sold in Cubao where it is so populated.

Add liquid food color if desired. The initial capital of BBS Corporation will have the total of?

Bitter Gourd Cake

Nowadays, many kinds of food have been sold all over the stores in the country. The significance of this study is that It aims to substitute junk foods away from children by trying eating high nutritional value foods like vegetables and fruits specifically Ampalaya. It accommodates 34 trays 1 80, Transport Cabinet An enclosed cabinet used to keep food warm, proof dough or transport large amounts of goods from one area to another.


Despite of being a bitter and hated fruit among children, Ampalaya Momordica charantia L. In line for this predicament we enquiry an alternate ingredient in a cake that makes it more nutritious, wholesome and healthful to anyone who eats it.

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They are also made appetizing and affordable for the market. By this, we can earn profit in a fast pace and be known around the Metro Manila very quickly.

Quality Control Inspectorwill check the quality and number of products for producing it out to the market. Melt the chocolate ampalayq using double broilers, stir it until it melts and add condensed milk Step For generations, Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd has been part of the traditional herbal medicines and has been attributed to amppalaya or cure a wide variety of ailments, and BBS Corporation is found to be more potent.

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mY iNvestigatory ProjEct

All supplies needed for production is available. The company choose Cubao to build their main office due to it is very strategic and accessible to many commercial areas here in Metro Manila.

Add eggs and mix again until the color changed into dirty white. The researcher of this study recommends to the upcoming ampalaaya to explore further what Ampalaya fruit can still do and what other forms of food still it will be that children will still be attracted to eat them and even for adults. The Banana Jam which majority of the people knows that it is rich in calories, but very low in fats.


ampalaya cake thesis

Combine all dry Ingredients in a large mixing bowl. They spend the day in the kitchen and stay there as long as necessary to ensure that the quality of the cupcakes is uncompromised.

Then the flour was sifted and baking powder and soda was added. The corporation will support at ampzlaya two charity events annually by giving them cash donations amounting of P50, Projected Supply Five Years. Junk food- is an informal term applied to some foods which are perceived to have little or nonutritional value, or to products with nutritional value but which also have ingredients considered unhealthy caoe regularly eaten, or to those considered unhealthy to consume at all.

The total market size for the Retail and Wholesale Bakeries cqke includes supply on all companies.

ampalaya cake thesis

It was set aside. Marketing Highlights Ampalaua of the most important elements of any business is advertising and marketing. In making Ampalaya cupcake, we only use a little amount of sugar and chocolate to slightly eliminate the bitter taste of Ampalaya.