Please note, that if you received UKRI funding to support your studies, an option B restriction cannot last for more than 12 months beyond your date of graduation for it to be compliant with the UKRI funder terms. The most compact is by a numerical reference e. Good illustrative examples are important for this. Don’t mix up levels. If you claim complete generality then then you are almost certain to fall flat on your face when someone provides a counter-example later on. For a trivial example, look at the trace output produced by the following Pop instructions mark and load them: Compare that with Types of research in computing science software engineering and AI.

See how to publish on Overleaf. This is TeX, Version 3. By the end of the first few pages of chapter 1, your reader should have a very good idea of your main achievements, including whether you have written a program and if so what sorts of things it can and cannot do at least at a high level of abstraction. Email required Address never made public. Encourages researchers in your field to read your work and cite it in their own research Boosts your academic profile and the potential impact of your work Helps support the wider international scholarly agenda around providing open access to academic content For PGR students who have received an UKRI studentship it ensures compliance with their terms and conditions around access to the final thesis Helps ensure the thesis is indexed by anti-plagiarism software programmes to prevent fraudulent re-use.

If English is not your native language get help If you are not a native speaker of English you are STRONGLY advised to pay someone who is a native speaker to work carefully through your thesis improving lqtex spelling, syntax, etc.

Presenting your thesis

It is important that scenarios serving these two purposes are clearly distinguished, unless the same one serves both. Hham the main text of your thesis is over pages or words, then there’s a good chance that it is too long.


A few new bricks are quite enough. Also there is more chance that you will get numbers wrong as you update the bibliography.

bham thesis latex

Some nham insist that the thesis be written in good English even if you are not a native speaker of English. A long-term Option C restriction will hinder the ability of researchers in the field to access the thesis, especially those based outside Birmingham and overseas. If the data refute some previously believed theory then that can be a useful piece of research.

bham thesis latex

Some people put the publication date immediately after the author’s name, some at the end of the entry. Discussion of possible further developments No PhD thesis is ever complete. Email required Address never made public. Install A TeX Distribution 2.

bham thesis latex

For the sake of clarity list those things it cannot do that readers might be tempted mistakenly to assume it thessi do. Overview The University of Birmingham is providing free Overleaf Professional accounts for all students, faculty and staff within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects.

If you give examples of scenarios make sure you indicate clearly which can and which cannot be done by your program.

If you offer an explanation, be sure that it is the sort of explanation that is sufficiently precise and detailed to be the basis of a construction of a working mechanism. Don’t use the same kind of diagram for two different purposes e. Use block diagrams bahm flow charts where this will help to make things clear, but be sure the semantics of such diagrams are not left unspecified.

A good text formatter should theiss you avoid this. Use footnotes only to give details of references to literature, or possibly to remind the less well informed reader of some technical point.

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Compare that with Types of research in computing science software engineering and AI. What does the program add to the theory?


Examiners get VERY annoyed if they are used as proof-readers compiling long lists of minor errors for you to correct. A template for student essays, designed specifically for the University of Birmingham.

Try out the thesis on a friend or colleague Try to find the right balance between excessive terseness and excessive verbosity. A concise Bayesian characterisation, in terms of a ‘necessary condition’ would be that a PhD is a process, which even if it may start with the prior belief that your bhqm is right in everything, it must end with the posterior belief i. Under the terms of option A the electronic thesis is made available on the eTheses Repository for download shortly after submission.

Thesis guidance

There are different conventions for bibliographical references lateex the main text. For a trivial example, look at the trace output produced by the following Pop instructions mark and load them: It is just an implementation detail where the choice is of no theoretical significance anyway.

You chose that design in order to explore its possibilities Suggested by Luc Beaudoin There were several different options, and no rational thesls of choosing between them, so you have made fhesis arbitrary choice. Acknowledgements It is conventional, though not absolutely necessary, to have a section acknowledging the people who have helped, inspired, advised you, the institutions that have supported you etc. But merely collecting data, finding averages, drawing graphs, etc. Sometimes there are reasons for putting figures or tables separately from the text that discusses them e.

Why should anyone be interested in your axioms and symbols?

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