Not until years after his death did the idea come up that he was divine. Furthermore, Confederate soldiers considered Lee the symbol of everything for which they had been willing to die for. He is seemingly the complete opposite of Lee in his belief that each person has the ability to work hard and gain their own good fortunes. Grant and Lee may be viewed differently but they both exemplified characteristics that should be part of Chicago, IL He wanted change and modernization in every aspect of society and rejected preservation of all those old customs and values, which hinder the pace of modernization and change in the society. A Study in Contrasts ” – Peer

A Study In Contrasts Grant primarily focused on democracy and believed that no individual was born into any type of class. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. This belief had become historically antiquated because America became the land of change. They also had the tendency to give up fighting and sit on the negotiation table when they had chance thus changing the history of the United States forever. Linde is a widow who married her husband for money and has no children. Let me help you.

Although they seem to be very different, these essays are a lot alike. And on the other hand, teachers portrayed General Lee as a masterful strategist, who used Christian values in order to win the rebellion.

When they realized that there is a genuine possibility of making peace both the leaders gave up fighting and met at Appomattox, which became the turning point of sutdy U.

His theory suggested that an organism could learn to associate one stimulus it expected and responded to automatically with a stimulus that held no prior importance to the organism.


A study in Contrasts Bruce Catton Summary Of ” Grant And Lee: It was because the Westerners who were mainly the working class people of the United States hope prosperity only when there businesses run smoothly without any obstacles and hindrances.

Comparing Grant and Lee Essay

A Study in Contrasts Wars and conflicts may determine the rise or fall of great leaders. Most importantly, they were alike in the sense that they had the ability to turn away from war and come to peace once the fighting had ended.

bruce catton grant and lee a study in contrasts thesis

But regarding their personalities they have some striking similarities. In comparison, they both take action to reciprocate what has been done to them. Therefore, his loyalty would only be to the society in the location he lived and would fight to the limit to defend it because he believed that it gave his life the deepest meaning.

Grant had ctton more modern outlook on life and Lee would rather live in accordance cobtrasts the past.

bruce catton grant and lee a study in contrasts thesis

Classical and Operant Conditioning: Lee on the other hand seems to have emerged from the ancient chivalry with lance in his hand and silken banner fluttering over his head. Lee believed that landowners played a key role in determining the success of the country.

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On the other hand, Grant believed that everyone who embraced the nation as a community would only succeed if they did so as a whole A Study in Contrasts ” by Bruce Catton Lee, who is from Virginia, had very traditional and old fashioned beliefs.


Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? His only meaning an life was to defend the way of living and social lifestyle and prevent anything that changes it or threatens it dominance in that particular region.

bruce catton grant and lee a study in contrasts thesis

Grant and Lee outline – ar. In ” Grant and Lee: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. His family was one of the last of those who represented the old chivalry brought in the New World by the British.

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By reginam19 31 terms by reginam19 31 terms Preview Comparing Grant and Ggant Essay Summary: He believed that this leisure class of men i. A Blast Through the Past: In Macbeth, Macduff is a neutral character for most of the play. Catton, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and Civil War Historian, provides a brief character analysis of both men in this essay. Granton the other hand Grant and Lee a Study in Contrasts. Most young men in this time period grew up to work at the local steel mill; a job that requires little to no education.