How students evaluate information and sources when searching the World Wide Web for information. Questions examine diverse perspectives on the problem, task or topic. Senior Information Fluency Exam. Faculty INtopFORM becomes a more effective proposal by recognizing and emphasizing that it can and should incorporate diversity. As compared to the programs of study initiative, in which a department or college seeks to enhance learning outcomes in an entire major or concentration, INtopFORM fellowships will support projects by individual faculty members. The plan will invite participation by all members of the university community, and it will recognize achievements by ETSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

ETSU analyzes test data annually as part of its assessment of. The university recently filled the position of director of Assessment and Teaching, whose responsibilities include oversight and support of assessment of the QEP. The department will collect baseline data in , prior implementing the redesign in , by giving the new exam in an ungraded form to a random sample of students enrolled in CSCI Collection of baseline data will occur in Journal of Computer Information Systems, 42, Appendix A outlines the purposes of the conference in detail.

Table 14 spotlights some thinkin the most important findings from the most recent administration of the NSSE in spring Post-graduate transitions of the academically adrift cohort. Asking appropriate questions often confounds students. Health information literacy and competencies of information age students: The CCTST is a national, standardized test appropriate for institutions of higher education, and ETSU compares the performance of its students to that of students in a national reference group, created by the test vendor.


To take advantage of this opportunity, East Tennessee State University pursued a deliberate, inclusive process for identifying the theme of its QEP.

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An application of information literacy skills at the workplace. Moreover, because collecting, using and communicating information are central to the work of everyone at ETSU and vital for the success of our university, INtopFORM will promote excellence in information fluency across the university.

USING their coursework emphasizes synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, or experiences quite a bit or very much.

In and development process; descriptions of each phase of the process follow the table. Computers in Libraries, 26, Issue 5, pp.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Each committee actively sought input from the university community through strategies including electronic surveys, meetings, retreats, and interviews.

Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, 3, AMA critical skills survey. Table 1 provides an overview of the selection.

California critical thinking skills test

These entries should use video, audio, text, graphic elements, creative performance, or combinations of media to exemplify excellence in at least two INtopFORM learning outcomes. Improving teaching in higher education.

Data collected in spring during the annual assessment cycle will provide a baseline. Active Learning in Higher Education, 11, The student correctly identifies limitations of research he or she conducted. Social Science Research Council. Califirnia was also informed by several assessments of student learning. The student presents information accurately. Building Faculty Learning Communities.


california critical thinking skills test etsu

Programs may also create alternative rubric items with the approval of the director of Assessment and Teaching. The student identifies questions raised by information. The plan comprises the following components: Nutrition Concentration Allied Health, B. The presentation of information evokes questions or further study by others.

INtopFORM Report

Students communicate information effectively. Although INtopFORM invites participation by all members of the university, it focuses chiefly on undergraduate education.

All programs of study must provide an overall rating for each learning outcome.

Logan Martin — February 18, Throughout spring a team comprising outstanding faculty from across the institution, as well as representatives from Student Affairs, and undergraduate and graduate students, developed the plan by which ETSU would implement and assess INtopFORM.

The final version of the plan was completed early in December Take a stay-cation Zoe ReidMay 9,