In your opinion, are the seven deaths connected? Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide Poisoning On. Why is the mitochondrion important? Hypoxia means that the person suffered from a lack of oxygen, or they were suffocated. The medical examiner concluded that each of the victims had died of hypoxia. In your opinion, are the seven deaths connected? The electron stops at the end of the chain and cannot be passed to oxygen.

Design and develop by Raster Studio – http: How should public health officials and police respond to this tragedy? Inside of mitochondria, there are several layers of membranes. Answer Key Answer keys for the cases in our collection are password-protected and access to them is limited to paid subscribed instructors. Cyanide acts very quickly, often killing within minutes of ingestion and authorities were slow to identify the cause of the deaths.

The Mystery of the Seven Deaths

Case teachers etudy in this case may also be interested in another case in the collection entitled “A Headache to Die For” by Wayne Shew available at http: The Mystery of the Seven Deaths. Place an X over the protein that is inhibited by cyanide. Since the Chicago Tylenol murders, drug companies have drastically changed how medicines are packaged. They reespiration that someone had tampered with the medication.

Please see our usage guidelineswhich outline our policy concerning permissible reproduction of this work. While there were many suspects, no one was ever charged with the crime and it is still an ongoing investigation. The medical examiner also showed the tissue samples from the heart, lungs, and liver showed massive cell death.


To understand, we need to take a very close look at the structure of the mitochondrion. How should public health officials and police respond to this tragedy? Recall your knowledge of the function of organelles. For each metabolite listed in Table 1, describe its role in cellular respiration. The poison was traced back to extra strength tylenol where the murderer had opened the capsules and replaced acetaminophen a pain killer with cyanide.

Nucleophilic reactions between carbonyl compounds and. Once the cause was identified, stores removed Tylenol and other drugs from shelves. Cyanide inhibits cytochrome C, cllular the last chicagl from doing its job.

This discussion can be omitted if time is limited. How can you reconcile this observation with the cause of death being hypoxia?

chicago cyanide murders case study in cellular respiration

In this interrupted case study, students learn about the function of cellular respiration and the electron transport chain and what happens when that function is impaired. In fact, these membranes resemble the mmurders that surrounds the cell. I was especially inspired listening to their small group discussions. What is their main function?

Chicago Cyanide Murders: A Case Study in Cellular Respiration

Thank you for putting it on the Web. This process is continuous in cells, with ATP constantly being generated and oxygen being used as the final electron acceptor. In September ofMary Kellerman gave her 12 year old daughter a painkiller when she awoke during the night complaining of a sore throat. In order to determine which component of cellular respiration is affected, students must understand where these metabolites are used or produced and what their functions are.


The passing of these electrons allows ATP to be generated. The normal range is mm Hg. An ambulance rushed the girl to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Subcellular metabolite analysis Detailed analysis of the ztudy cells showed that ATP levels in the mitochondria xyanide very low. Cyanide is an extremely fast acting vase.

Part 2: Chicago Cyanide Murders- A Case Study in Cellular Respiration – Biology LibreTexts

They suspected that someone had tampered with the medication. A Case Study in Cellular Respiration.

chicago cyanide murders case study in cellular respiration

Recall that the mitochondrion is sometimes called the “powerhouse” of the cell. On further investigation, it was shown that the tissues had major mitochondrial damage.