Why or why not? Use these as the basis for group and whole-class discussions, just as the entries on Worksheet were used. Take a newspaper article and use it to engage participants in the same process. For more than forty years, Professor David McClelland of Harvard has conducted research on the kind of motivation that drives us to perform our very best work. Running through the fabric of all these activities, though, are problem-solving threads.

In some respects, it is a necessity. This may mean that the partner must force him- or herself to say the second thing that comes into his or her head. Paramecium Coloring – color paramecium, vacuole, mouth pore, macronucleus, cilia. At first, some questions may seem impossible to answer. At the end of the session, have participants write what they remember having learned in each of the categories listed. Advise participants to work collaboratively when they return to work in order to help one another become more skilled at using rhyme or other mnemonic devices as prompts to recall large chunks of information they are expected to have at their fingertips.

Strongly advise participants to use a variation of this activity at their next staff or team meeting. Individuals, teams, and whole insti- tutions are devoting themselves to sharpening cerebral skills. Creative ability in business.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

At a well-attended ice skating exhibition, the cotton candy vendor sold half her candy before the intermission. Similarly, check the right column if the person glances immediately to his or her right, or if the person glances up and then to the right.

The partner— acknowledging that this is a classroom exercise, not real life—promises not to become enraged, but to instead respond in a way that will defuse a potentially explosive situation. Babies have populated the earth since man and woman, of course first appeared on it. If one, two, or three members remain, they can serve as observers in the first round, with each person sitting in on a different team.


If one person is left over, he or she can serve as your partner or can serve as a roving observer.

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The leader consults with members and willingly shares the leadership role. Suggest that an informal committee be formed to compare mission statements, orientation information, annual reports, and the like from the year the organization was founded to the present. Suggest that participants spend some time discovering more about their own thinking style or preferred manner of executing work-related tasks. Approximately 15 workshdet Advance Make copies of Handout one-third the actual number of participants, as Preparation: Note that they posit a potential problem in the!

Divide the class into pairs. Five minutes later, return to the person and ask him or her to share the idea he or she has found.

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The second pair can respond in singular criticql tandem fashion. What do you like best about your work? This activity, a challenging one, helps participants gain a few extra thinking moments by asking a question instead of giving an immediate answer. It serves equally well as a warm-up, as a session-stimulator, and as a summarizing activity with the stipulation that the remarks would have to serve as concluding statements.

How does he or she manage to get so much done? Go beyond the obvious answers.

They should have a set of 10 to 15 questions, and should give the list to the individual a week before the meeting, along with several criticall to answer the questions. Each participant will teach critcal ten-minute chunk about ways creativity can be increased. What skills will the new economy require? Ideally, the class size will not exceed Emphasize that the more we know about our preferences occupational, cognitive, etc.


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If one person is left over, he or she can work as your partner, in which case you would give him or her the test on the worksheet. The first part of this exercise has you work on stratifications.


This intelligence permits us to filter all we know through the sieve of specificity in order to isolate information that conforms to the criteria we have been issued. Then have participants interview interesting people in their organization tthinking in other organizations. Once the supervisor has had an viagram to answer the questions in reference to the employee rather than themselvesthe employee should meet with the supervisor to discuss the questions and compare the answers.

If you do not possess the particular virtue of being able to break away from traditional thinking, you may be putting your job, your team, your department, and possibly even your organization in jeopardy.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Ask for volunteers to form a focus group that will meet with the Personnel or Human Resources Department to discuss ways of reducing or preventing workplace conflicts. Have participants evaluate it in terms of their recall.