I want to learn a lot, yes, but at the same time, I want to make friends and enjoy the atmosphere and not be stressed out since it’s my summer break. I asked her if it was a life-changing experience, and she said yes to that. If you don’t, it’s ok, I was just wondering. A Creative Anthology” sparkanthology. Tell us why you love them and what you have learned from them. I had Julia for core, and she was a bit more demanding, but I enjoyed almost everything she asked us to do. Do not include school assignments, essays or journalism.

What is your language? Speaking as me, now I don’t pretend to be an expert on the film department. Every week during Writer’s Desk students will have the opportunity to drop in for office hours with the Creative Writing faculty. A Creative Anthology” sparkanthology. A friend sent her son, and he took a music theory course as well as regular music classes.

The instructors are incredibly intelligent, invigorating, and strict.

By wriiting end of the month, every student will have had a class in every genre. Working artists, writers, musicians, etc. I’ve taught there for the last seven years. Last year one girl made a big thing of plaster and we smashed it to bits while somebody read a monologue that she wrote.

Program Instructors

If you feel up to it, please send me the url. Hopefully, whatever discipline you choose will have this effect on you as well. The program is held at CalArts which is located in Southern California. I went for creative writing in 05 and 06 and wfiting years were some of the best times of my life.


For my year, the spaces for the Disneyland trip filled up really quickly and I barely got one Cfeative signed up at around 2: Submit some of your fiction, poetry, or memoir. It is really a great opportunity for young artists.

Ideally our students have begun to outgrow the High School reading list. In addition to maintaining a personal writing practice, creayive supports her community by volunteering at schools and local non-profit arts organizations. What is your language? CSSSA is somewhat competitive to get into and the application process is kind of daunting she had to write 10 separate pieces to be reviewed by 3 writersbut wow, wow, wow was it a great experience for her.

Err first, I suppose I’d like to say hi, and to the people who are going this year, hope to see you there! It’s a hidden gem of a program. If you want a very work-intensive experience, I’d recommend film. And most of all, am I okay with the possibility that I may not feel connected to the friends I’ve maintained from home up until now? No fancy fonts, please.

accepted (!) CSSSA submission 🙂 – my csssa experience

My daughter also received 3 units of college credit from CS Humboldt. I’m probably way late on responding to this, but just throwing my thoughts out there anyway.

Please feel free to contact me directly about more specifics, the difference between different programs, etc.


csssa creative writing

WIthin the visual arts you can major in photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, computers arts and printmaking. I wrote ‘then’ not ‘when’ and ‘has’ instead of ‘have’, switching from past to present tense!

csssa creative writing

The tuition includes the classes, room and board. It’s intense, but all cssda kids I know who went there had fun and learned a lot.

I was lucky in the fact that I was 16, totally clueless regarding partying, and interested in what I was doing. I feel pretty capable of writing a screenplay now, though I haven’t because I like plays better.

While this may seem most relevant to Creative Writing alumni, we creztive and encourage submissions from artists of all disciplines. Elective Electives meet four afternoons each week.

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California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA)

Our daughter is thinking of applying to CSSSA and we’re wondering what sorts of experiences others have had there. I went that year too. Jan Our daughter is thinking of applying to CSSSA and we’re wondering what sorts of experiences others have had there.

csssa creative writing

Zay typically asks for 4 to 5 page scenes to read in class, and his assignments were always a blast.