Philippine Medical Informatics Society, Inc. Wong 4 , S. Computer Applications for Medical Education. Teleseminar on Adobe Acrobat 4. Member, Residency Training Committee. Ateneo de Manila High School Department.

Philippine Urological Association, Inc. Workshop on Values Orientation. Effect of Image Compression on Telepathology: Third Internet Chat Conference on Viagra. College of Nursing Auditorium, Manila, December 17, Edited by Richard Wootton, Nivritti G. First Scientific Symposium on Medical Informatics:

Open Source Technology in Health Care: Member, Residency Training Committee. Arcilla E, Marcelo A. Montalban J, Marcelo AB.

Radical Neck Dissection, Marlon IlaganJuly 7, Craniectomy, Elevation of Depressed Skull Fracture, July 30 Montalban J, Marcelo A. National Institutes of Health, July 19, Past, Present and Future.

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A Pathology Report Metadata Registry: Jan HilleyJuly 2, University of the Philippine College of Medicine. Informatics in the Philippines: Chow 10W.

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Office of the President, INQ7. Effect of Image Compression on Telepathology: Marcelo A, Gumapos M.


curriculum vitae aduana afip

UP College of Medicine. Separation of Ischiophagus Tetrapus Twins, Integrated Arts and Medicine Program; faip course requires scholastic performance beyond the usual level to qualify for admission. Information Technology in Health Care: Application of the Computer in Health Care.

Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Project. Web-based Health Applications on Handheld Devices. Organizational Issues in Medical Infromatics. Log In Sign Up.

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Ateneo de Manila High School Department. Breast Cancer and Breast Disease. Health Informatics for Development: Edited by Richard Wootton, Nivritti G. State of the Art.

curriculum vitae aduana afip

Lecture on Electronic Health Records by Dr. Community Health Information Tracking System.