Econometric residual panels for use in European economies prospecting. Digital Marketing Agency – GrinBus. The internationalization of business and innovation. Help Center Find new research papers in: Economic value added EVA as an indicator for financial decisions: Whisky production in Ireland.

The chaos and the theoretical evolution of capital markets. Internet through light wire. Business economics – Seminar Finance. Fractal properties in the Fibonacci sequence. South and Center Campus. Fractal flexibility applied to a series of Rates.

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Publishing and development of a scientific article – Disclosure and patent drafting and use industry – Drawing log – Visibility work of scientific journals: Senado de la Republica. Mechanization of farming cultivation of Papaya Maradol. Department of Research, Science and Technology.

Department of Postgraduate IT. Fractal modeling IBEX in a context of financial crisis. University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain.

An Integration approach for the Ecuadorian case. Universidad San Francisco Xavier. Refinement multiplicative fractional with Brownian limits. Fractal modeling of international economic relations. GIS’F statistic in the current financial economic dynamics. University San Francisco Xavier. Fractal modeling of the Ecuadorian Financial System. Interpolitecnico meeting in Complex Systems South uaaeh Center Campus.


Economic development strategies in Latin America. Application of fractal to economic and financial sectors.

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The marginal consumption within the Bodybuilding. Fractional noises in fractal modeling. Fractal model of the overall balance of foreign trade in Bolivia. Stochastic modeling of International Markets.

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Strategies for strengthening the capacities of women for social sector development Five Corners- Santa Elena Canton. Parallelepiped assembly surface prospecting revolution in financial growth of the BMV.

Industrial investment and trade impact of China in Latin America: Financial distribution of income in mining or processing station. Periods of fractal duplication and intermittent aperiodicity in market prices of the financial economy.

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Running the business warehouse receipt and destruction of documents. Degree in Community Organization and Development. Fractal modeling applied to the stock indexes in Europe.


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