Low temperature calorimetric studies of some transition metal perovskites. Biochemical studies in plant tissue culture. Employing arynes in multicomponent reactions and rearrangements triggered by nitrogen nucleophiles. How do ionic liquids and aqueous media promote organic reactions? Compatibilisation by chain coupling agents: Coupling and other experiments on natural phenolic colouring matters. Citrinin and its analogues.

De novo designed molecules based on non-covalent interactions: Electrolytic polishing and deposition of metals. Biotransformation in synthesis of bioactive molecules,hete and hete,from arachidonic acid. Catalytic reactions over Zsm-5zeolites. Macroporous molymeric affinity matrices for selective separation of contaminants. Dimorphism in benjaminiella poitrash: Crystal and molecular structures of P-toluic acid and 2-nitromethyl benzoic acid by X-ray diffraction.

Amphiphilic polypeptides and silk-based hybrid biomaterials: Isolation, identification and pnue of biologically active molecules from plant species and Chiral Separation of some biologically important molecules.

Chemistry of some commercial dyes. Biosynthesis of oxides nanoparticles using microorganisms.

dissertation at ncl pune

DNA barcoding of some forest tree species of western ghats. Investigations on gas permeation and related physical properties of structurally architectured aromatic polymers dissertationn oxides and polyarylatespolyarlate-clay nanocomposites and poly lonic liquid. Manipulation of insect behavioral physiology by selected synthetic chemicals. Bioconversion of tannic acid to gallic acid by using fungal tannase.


Microbiological transformations of terpenes.

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Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules and development of synthetic methodologies via Enamine catalysis. Electronic resonances by the method of complex scaling and complex absorbing potentials within the framework of coupled cluster theory.

dissertation at ncl pune

Electrochemical synthesis and functionalization of carbon based nanomaterials. Asymmetric synthesis of pyrazolidines, pyrrolidines, indolines and tetrahydroquinolines via organocatalyzed sequential reactions. Electrospinning of biocompatible and biodegradable polymers and their application in scaffold tissue engineering.

Studies in terpenoids “dissertation for M.Sc. degree

Hybrid strategy in structural design: Antitubercular and antifilarial compounds including some with surface-active properties. Electrical properties of zinc oxide semiconductor.

Cellulose and its degradation products. Design and synthesis of molecular probes for biological and environmental significant ions. Artificial immune systems for optimization, clustering and classification applications in chemical sciences and engineering.

Biotransformation of santalene derivatives from Indian sandalwood: Enthalpy effects in Ionic Liquids and mixing schemes in Aqueous Ionic systems. Microbial hydroxylation of steroids: Research Nurturing Chemical Science and Technology.

Catalytic conversion of vegetable oils to biofuels over transition metal catalysts. Development of novel methcrylic and supramoleular comb polymers of Rylenebisimides for applications in optoelectronics. Heterocyclic compounds of oxygen and nitrogen.


In vitro embryo rescue plant regeneration and genetic transformation studies in grapevine. Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules using asymmetric hydrosylation, aziridination dissertaton olefins and kinetic resolution of alcohols.

Development of transgenic papaya and its analysis. Modeling of coal fired boiler.

Experiments on the synthesis of isoflavones and on the constitution of mangostin. Aromatic step growth polymers bearing pendant clickable groups: Green catalytic processes for selective oxyfunctionalization of hydrocarbons and biomass derived feedstocks.

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Application of chromatography to the purification of direct cotton dyes and vat dyes, and the constitution of some vat dyes. Chemical investigation of Indian medicinal plants and alkylation of phenols. Mesoporous and microporous metallosilicate and organo-silicate molecular sieves: