HBD is a portion in which viewers can send messages and photos to greet their loved ones a happy birthday on-air. The project starts from the summer season until the beginning of a school year. The five finalists will advance and compete for the grand showdown of the competition. In the jackpot round, the contestant is presented with seven boxes placed side by side. It is a web series during the love season that can be watched exclusively on the official YouTube page of Eat Bulaga! The size of the bubble gum bubble is measured using a caliper.

It is a singing contest with participants consisting of families. Ka-Voice ni Idol , to further emphasize the voice impersonation aspect of the competition. It serves as a promotional segment for the song after its release in The segment is a beauty contest for female children who are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. Weekday Edition, and Saturday Edition. It is a special Christmas season portion in-between commercial breaks where the contestants must complete the missing lyrics from several Christmas songs and text their answer from their cellphones in order to win a prize. The team must then act out its new function.

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The goal is to cut the wires for only the correct answers before the timer on the bomb reaches zero. To enhance their performances, the contestants are also dressed in unique attires.

The female candidates represent their college campuses from across the country. Lottong Bahay is a raffle promotion on television. The first clue is difficult so,ving perplexing but is worth the most points, while the last clue is easy and obvious but is worth the least points.


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Three of those hands hide three coins. Macho segment saved Eat Bulaga! Our new favourite fighter – Duration: Birit Bagets is similar to the segment Birit Babybut is a singing competition dedicated to older children.

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The Slow Mo Guys. As an effort to bring Eat Bulaga! It is a raffle promo sponsored by the powdered milk drink brand Bear Brand. The two players with the most points advance to the next round. It added an Internet meme to the segment title to make it more relevant to the youth.

EB Kids’ Dance Showdown is a one-day competition between four groups of child dancers. It features the love stories of several Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga April 28 2016 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUB41stWeeksary‬ [2/3]

InEat Bulaga! The winner will win prizes such as gift packs from All Day. The competitors are judged on their overall presentation, creativity, and audience appeal.

eat bulaga problem solving april 21 2015

The groups are divided based on their gender: If the player eliminates a hand that contains a coin, the player isn’t thoroughly out of the game. The winner will then receive a variety of gifts and prizes from the sponsors of the segment, including a cellphone, appliances, grocery items, and a raffle entry for a chance to prob,em a house and lot. The segment has a similar format as the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The EB Hosts are divided into two groups: Its gameplay has also experienced some slight changes over time, depending on the capability and intellect bulata the contestants.


Eat Bulaga April 28 KalyeSerye #‎ALDUB41stWeeksary‬ [2/3] – video dailymotion

The participants will then partake in extreme challenges and dangerous stunts that will test their strength and endurance. Each team must choreograph a production number to showcase their looks and talent. The next day, July 29,during Eat Bulaga!

The segment is one the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya-Gaya, Puto Maya. EB Dance Station is a dance contest for both male and female dance groups.

There will be 4 candidates and 1 searcher, which could either be a bachelor or a bachelorette, and the 4 candidates and the searcher will be wearing a mask and will be having their aliases first to conceal their identity. Any individual who wants to share their concerns or problems about love and seek for an advice can share their stories through sending an email to Eat Bulaga!

Each group will take turns to think of and to act out a clever use for that object by realizing what other objects it might resemble.

eat bulaga problem solving april 21 2015

Each group is accompanied by well-known dance groups and personalities. Instead, the show is replaced with drama specials from Holy Monday to Holy Wednesday featuring heart-wrenching stories that convey important lessons about life and family.