Please go directly there for your test, not to our classroom 1. The research booklet can be found below under Tab 3. Poetry Assignment To be of Use. For students who missed initial test or wanted to upgrade mark 2. They may choose one and prepare an essay response. To be used with visuals displayed below in “Visuals Asst.

Transition Season Models File Size: English Textual Review File Size: Visual Example File Size: Students have been given 3 quotes in advance of the test. Childhood Obesity Coherence File Size: Extra Practice Visuals File Size: For students who did not complete the original essay portfolio, please complete the following alternate assignment which was distributed in class 2 weeks ago.

english 3201 essay rubric

Mood and Tone Handouts File Size: Transitional Terms File Size: Antigone Alternate Assignments Essay Questions from Textbook File Size: Extra Credit Media Assignment Google Classroom Instructions File Size: I Am Here Today Because I urge all students to complete essay assignment. Visual Example File Size: Childhood Obesity Coherence File Size: Coke, Ford, Netflix View.


Sheets are corrected aloud enlgish class and collected at end of class. Students must write a comparative essay on one play Antigone or Macbeth and one novel.

Sherra Robinson

Students may choose to englis out of these novel studies in order to independently study one of the following novels: Macbeth Essay Test Topics. Visuals Asst NO names. Useful Links Public Exams. Poetry Practice Test File Size: Impression Models File Size: Condensed version of the original 10 pages of Essay Notes; also acts as a companion guide to the essay questions.

english 3201 essay rubric

Students receiving accommodations, please attend Room on test date as your test will be there. Short Story Terms File Size: The Cask of Amontillado File Size: Poetry in Song Assignment File Size: Short story given to students in advance to prepare.

Transition Season Models File Size: Thorough Guidelines for Media Literacy: Transitions Essay and Questions File Size: Types of Essays Chart File Size: English short story 6 happy man questions. Students eenglish expected to have read the novel in advance of its discussion in class on October 20th, Notes and 2 assignments contained within this booklet.


english 3201 essay rubric

Mood and Tone Handouts. Puzzleman and Storm Exemplars File Size: English Curriculum Guide View.