If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Individuals go to work of their own accord, because work is the only way in which they have a chance of satisfying their need for achievement and self-respect. Obviously, Stogdills “Great Man” theory was the foundation of what has become known as the charismatic leadership Theory X and Y call for managers to examine their assumptions about human nature and see how these models lead to managerial practices. It is important to note the differences between the two theories to understand why Theory Y is thought to be superior. This view is based on that employees merely satisfy their lower-level physical needs and could not hope to be as productive.

Theory X presumes that average employees dislike work, are lazy, dislike responsibility, and must be coerced to perform. By contrast Theory Y employees seemed to like work, were eager to please and worked hard on their own initiative. Employees under Theory Y are motivated by many different factors apart from money. Theory Y states that employees are self-motivated and if. There are several different theories concerning the learning organisation and need for employee

Having worked for 15 years in many types of organization, Scheinp. McGregor argued that modern organizations do not take into account the innovativeness of workers.

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There are groups of workers who would easay to be directed and who are not keen on taking responsibility. In this paper, the leadership style that Keller was effective in using as well as the business concepts that made him an effective leader will be further explained.


The Institute provided shelter, warmth and food to approximately men every year. Show also that this equilibrium is. This theory has gone through a few transformations since McGregor first wrote about his X and Y theories in the early 60’s.

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Harvard Business Review, 48 3 People change and theorg do motivators. Modern Management Schools of Thought In six pages contemporary management is examined in a consideration of theories that include those of Peters and Waterman, Engstro For example, companies such as General Mills, Ansul Chemicals, and General Electric have been experimenting with performance appraisal approaches Ott, Parkes and Simpsonp.

Theory X, the more conventional one, holds the view that people are in themselves not intrinsically motivated to work and even attempt to avoid it, that people have no ambition, are resistant to change, are not particularly intelligent and that people only work for money and security.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! According to theory X, appraisals and promotions occur on a regular basis. According to McGregorp. Even though these theories are now heavily disputed and there validity called into question, they are. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours During this research, esay survey was given to undergraduate and graduate students in business.

Theory X employees are categorized as lazy and unmotivated and only worked when forced to and never worked hard.

It mcgregorx important to note the differences between the two theories to understand why Theory Y is thought to be superior. Want to get a price estimate for your Essay?

essay on mcgregors theory

If people are given a chance to prove their competency they are ambitious to solve problems and help their organizations meet their goals McGregorp. Theory Y assumes that there is an opportunity to align personal sssay with organizational goals by using peoples own ambition for self fulfillment.


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According to Kochan, Orlikowski and Gershenfeldp. However, more in depth research need to be undertaken to identify and prove which theory does best fits.

Without a powerfully motivated, highly skilled, self-reliant human resource, organizations do not stand a chance to survive, much less compete. The main focus of Theory X is that of external control, by systems, procedures or supervision.

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They believed ezsay managers who accepted Theory X view would be inconsiderate in accepting aptitude of a normal human being Boddy and Patonp. Solve for the equilibrium prices of X and Y.

They are often compared and contrasted however, for the purposes of this paper the primary focus will be on Theory Y. The managers would take suggestions from workers. Develooping Innovative Culture in Organizations words – 14 pages characteristics.

essay on mcgregors theory

Theory X is negative and Theory Y can be stated as the opposite, positive. In ten pages these radical paradigms are defined, compared, and then considered within the context of the market view, Theory X an Click to learn more https: