According to Guy 9 , the Zulus faced many grave dangers when confronting the British… 9. Routledge, Hodges, Donald A. Example in the bibliography Terao, M. A quotation within a quotation should be enclosed in double quotation marks. You should capitalise each significant word of the title and subtitle.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Core ebook. Toasted Cornflake Company, , p. Paraphrasing does not mean just changing an odd word, or changing a sentence if the phrasing of the original is still evident. Euripides, Hippolytus , trans. If the name of the US state appears in the name of the publisher then omit the state abbreviation.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

The bibliography is given at the end of the assignment; this is a complete list of all the material consulted in writing your assignment even if you have not cited them within it, with full bibliographic details It is presented in alphabetical order by surname of the first author listed on the reference. Weilacher, Udo, Syntax of Landscape: Penguin,p.

MHRA: In-Text Citations

Colin, If a list contains more than one work by the same author a 2 em dash hhow should be substituted for the name after the first appearance and they should be listed in alphabetical order of title e. For online articles, do sssay infer loetry, line or paragraph number unless they are marked on the article, as these may differ depending on browser or device used.

If the item is not a stable document, but the item has numbered quoote or paragraphs, you will be able to use these to direct the reader to the information used in your work e. Jn night, dark night, the silent of the night, The time of night when Troy was set on fire, The time when screech-owls cry, and badogs howl, And spirits walk, and ghosts break up their graves; That time best fits the work we have in hand.


Patience, good lady; wizards know their times. Year of reprint If the item is poetey by a different publisher: If a post is a retweet, make sure to find the original post rather than reference the retweet Do not use shortened URLs from services such as bit.

The edition should be included if it any edition other than the first e. If the material had 16 paragraphs and the material you cited was on paragraph 2, you would write para. Dawson Era ebook Stilwell, Robynn J. In the bibliography Author or designer surname, forename, Name of app YearPlatform app is available from campusM, iSheffieldiOS and Android For more information about footnotes, referencing multiple authors, and creating a bibliography, see Citing in the text, footnotes and bibliography and click on the relevant section.

MHRA: In-Text Citations

Palgrave Macmillan, Notes The author’s name should be given as it appears on the title page. Each time you introduce an idea, thought or theory in your work that belongs to another person, a footnote number must be added. Journal Article – Print. Short quotations up to 40 words in length or two lines of poery, should be included in the body of the text enclosed in single quotation marks e. This applies if the petry is integrated within the sentence and is not preceded by any punctuation, e.


Publisher, Year of Publicationpages used. Kindle or other e-reader.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

National Trust,p. In the bibliography Author surname, forename, Title of workthe date of work if knownmedium of composition, dimensions in cm if availableHolding institution, town of holding institution Civitali, Matteo, Tabernaclec. The initials of the author s should also be given in roman script.

For Television see Video sections. A series statement needs to be included if the item is part of a numbered series.

In the bibliography Author surname, forename, Title of worktrans. Author surname, forename, Title of workpotry. Footnote Number Title of Exhibitiondate of exhibition, holding institution, place of holding institution.

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The Stranger2nd edn Cambridge: A paraphrase means that you avoid using too many direct quotations, which can distract from the coherence tp the argument you are presenting. Example in the bibliography Terao, M. Howard, 4 vols Malden: The corporation name will be used to determine the place in the bibliography.

how to quote poetry in an essay mhra

Note the full stop at the end. McCarthy, Patrick, Albert Camus: Issue Yearpage range pages used.