In particular, we show that a particular set of cheating strategies contains an optimal strategy. Math Phys 06] Journal of Mathematical Physics, 47, Mathematical and Theoretical, 48 2: Optimal bounds for parity-oblivious random access codes with applications [ pdf ]. The American Mathematical Monthly, 77 4: Lower Bounds for Quantum Oblivious Transfer [ pdf ].

Optimal counterfeiting attacks and generalizations for Wiesner’s quantum money. The information cost of quantum memoryless protocols [ pdf ]. Interaction in a quantum world – An Axiomatic Basis of Quantum Mechanics. Probabilistic theories with purification.

Jamie Sikora

An Axiomatic Basis of Quantum Mechanics. The information cost of quantum memoryless protocols [ pdf ].

Quantum recommendation systems [ pdf ]. Physical review letters, 99 The mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics. Metadata Show full item record. Nonlocality and conflicting interest games [ pdf ].

jamie sikora thesis

Helvetia Physica Acta, In fact, we can construct point games for the classical protocols as well using the analysis for the quantum case. University of California, Berkeley Ph. For example, semidefinite programming provides a theiss for potentially improving results based on linear programming or investigating old problems that have eluded analysis by linear programming.


New lower bounds for privacy in communication complexity [ pdf ].

jamie sikora thesis

Optimal bounds for parity-oblivious random access codes with applications [ pdf ]. Interaction in the quantum world [ pdf ]. Cambridge University Press, This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Our proof relies on cone programming, a natural generalisation of semidefinite programming. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 17 3: Categorical quantum mechanics I: There has been increased research iamie in optimization concerning generalizing theory and algorithms for linear programming to much wider classes of optimization rhesis such as semidefinite programming.

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A 90, In the first part of the thesis, we show how these semidefinite programs can be used to simplify the analysis of the protocol. Practical quantum coin flipping [ pdf ]. On Crossref’s cited-by service no data on citing works was found last attempt Limitations on separable measurements by convex optimization.

jamie sikora thesis

Almost all of the handful of explicitly described coin-flipping protocols are based on fhesis. Employment – now: The American Mathematical Monthly, 77 4: Letters, We discuss the possibility of creating money that is physically impossible to counterfeit. Quantum computing gives a generalized model of computation to tackle new and old problems, improving on and generalizing older classical techniques.


How to make unforgeable money in generalised probabilistic theories

Known lower bounds for bit-commitment then lead to a constant lower bound on the bias of oblivious transfer. In this work, we examine Wiesner’s money scheme in the framework of generalised probabilistic theories. Uamie course, “physically impossible” is dependent on the theory that is a faithful description of nature.

Physical review letters, 95 1: Lee and John H. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.