Security researchers from the IMDEA Software Institute explore in this document what cutting-edge computer science can do now and what could be done in the future. The goal of the project, entitled “AxE Javascript: Laurent Mauborgne has joined the Institute in a Researcher position. Would it have been possible to avoid it by means other than installing a patch to the affected Windows operating systems? Ernestina Menasalvas, professor at E. The conference is held June July 1, in Lisbon. They also discovered several critical security vulnerabilities that have lain hidden, for years, in popular open-source SSL libraries.

In this way, as much information as possible was provided for those who had an interest to awaken a vocation and become great talents in the future. In addition, PhD candidates presented their research ideas and plans towards their PhD. This shows how novel static analyses can be extracted as meta-abstract interpretations to design efficient and precise program analysis algorithms. Both students obtained their degree from the Technical U. The ACCORD project aims to increase distributed ledger throughput by at least an order of magnitude, while lowering latencies by a similar factor. The ElasTest consortium involves 11 companies, universities, and research centers from 6 European countries. The main technical outputs of the project to which the Institute will contribute are a Secure Address Book that does not leak user social contacts to any service provider, a Secure Communication Architecture that does not leak information to passive observers such as Internet Service Providers or Government Agencies, and a Private Data Analytics Module that allows for computation of statistics without revealing sensistive user information to any party.

The dataset enables, among other applications, evaluating malware clustering and labeling approaches. Next Wednesday, February 7 at Anton delivered a workshop on programming in Coq aiming at software developers. Rennes, France and K.

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The purpose of the award is to draw attention to excellent work, to help the career of the student in question, and to promote the research field as a whole. Moreover, the framework allows programmers to specify an “admissible” overhead level per program routine function, predicate, etc.


Understanding and bounding resource usage is not only crucial for writing efficient software but also to ensure correctness and safety of software systems, as well as their resilience to attack. The results of the constraint solver indicate the cases under which these scenarios will or may occur.

He is the author of several dozen academic papers and patents. PC co-chair with Martin Sulzmann. This event is celebrated around the world on February 11 and its goal is to achieve full and equal participation in science for women and girls.

The president presented the Institute as one of the instruments that the Madrid Region uses to create an environment that is favorable and confidence-inspiring for companies, that is attractive for innovators, and that helps Madrid boost two of its well-known advantages: It comprises over companies including among many others: NEXTLEAP is a recently approved H European project which focuses on the development of an end-to-end secure messaging system with strong emphasis on privacy and freedom.

So, to fully exploit emerging network technologies and to overcome stagnating CPU performance, ACCORD is planning to use hardware acceleration to offload the steps required by the ordering service. The conclusions from the jury can be found here.

This new approach is much more relevant to code optimization that previous resource inference approaches. During their visit they have met researchers from IMDEA Software, Carmela Troncoso thewis Dario Fiorewho explained to them the Institute’s activities in the field of privacy and cybersecurity and gave feedback about the security aspects of the potential new product that the winners have developed during their summer school.

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They present the first verified implementation of a composite TLS state jrh in C that can be embedded into OpenSSL and accounts for all its supported ciphersuites.


This award is given by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The source code can be found at https: Together with IMDEA Software Institute researcher Michael Emmi they are working on automation for proving the absence of vulnerabilities in security protocol implementations, including s2n.

The project will run for a duration of 4 years and will promote the integration of the researcher with the host institute. In addition, he focused on the problem of finding minimal eviction sets: Software verification is an unarguably-important research area as society becomes more and more dependent on its correct functionality: All of this jrk take place at the Residencia de Estudiantes on Friday September 29th, from 6pm to 9pm.


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More information including the full list of accepted articles can be found here. The idea proposes to use advanced cryptographic techniques to enable companies to find commonalities in their data and analyze them jointly, without revealing anything about other data that is not common.

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EIT Digital Spain held its Innovation daywith the participation of several keynote speakers and panelists.

This issue has been patched in version The paper entitled “Constraint Answer Set Programming without Grounding”to be published in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, describes this novel execution model and shows through several examples the enhanced expressiveness of s CASP w. The conference is held June July 1, in Lisbon.

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The event included the attendance by Alan Craig EC – Marie Curie representativejtu gave a presentation of the current call. The project VeriStab lead by Pavithra Prabhakar will investigate formal verification of stability of embedded control systems. This trend opens new problems and opportunities in a very powerful sector extremely relevant for our everyday life.