A thrips, Pseudophilothrips ichini s. Tephritidae and the role of underdeveloped fruit as pest reservoirs: These results show that for conservation purposes and management of degraded areas, both populations should be preserved and could be used in programs that intend to recompose riparian forests. Intramarginal vein sometimes absent marginal secondary present instead ; leaflet apex sometimes obtuse, rounded, or retuse; hairy tuft domatia often present in the axils of secondary veins abaxially; veinlets terminating in highly branched sclereids. The crude aqueous extract, the crude neutral methanol extract, fractions prepared from this extract n-hexane, ethyl acetate, and n-butanol , pure compounds isolated from these fractions, and derivatives were investigated in vitro for antimicrobial activities against five Gram positive bacteria:

Antrocaryon klaineanum is used by traditional healers to treat many disorders including pain and inflammatory diseases. Because the variation of the antioxidant capacity of S. A later publication of this name by G. This fact is specially interesting in the control of the toxigenic Fusarium species because several commercial antifungals showed to stimulate mycotoxin biosynthesis at sublethal concentrations. Anacardiaceae cultivars to the attack by Anastrepha ludens and Anastrepha obliqua Diptera:

literature review on spondias mombin

CajSpondias purpurea L. Leaves 8—jugate, 30—46 cm long; petiole 2. Maximum parsimony and Bayesian methods were mombim to analyze sequences of multiple nuclear and plastid loci of Pistacia species.


Excluded taxa Spondias acida Solander ex Benth. Following the categories and criteria established by the IUCN http: Insecticidal and insect-repellent activities of essential oils from Verbenaceae and Anacardiaceae against Rhizopertha dominica. The CO2 adsorption capacity and adsorption cycles were investigated by TG. Phylogreography and population structure of these species remain unclear. They are characterized by diffuse-porous wood, vessels solitary and in multiples, tyloses and spiral thickenings sometimes present; simple perforation plates, alternate intervessel pits, rounded vessel-ray pits with much reduced borders to apparently simple; parenchyma paratracheal scanty to vasicentric; heterocellular rays, some with radial canals and crystals; septate fibres with simple pits.

Various volatile oil constituents were reported from different Spondias species. Email required Address never made public. An imbalance between formation and neutralization of free radicals leads to oxidative stress.

Plants belonging to genus Spondias contain tannins, flavonoids, sterols, triterpenes, saponins, essential oils, amino acids, and polysaccharides. Click here to view.

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Literwture aqueous and hydro-methanol extracts of N. It differs from the sympatric Spondias mombin by a number of features, including the following: The host range was determined by Psylloidea associated with Anacardiaceae. Botanical Journal of the Linaean Society Ferric ion was also significantly reduced. All the extracts were also able to ameliorate MMS induced genotoxicity in bone marrow cells of the exposed mice.


literature review on spondias mombin

Toledo District, Temash River, ca. Anacardiaceae in mice and rats.

Literature review on spondias mombin

These plants have also been examined for their toxicological properties, their effect on blood pressure, smooth muscle and capillary permeability. Mexicans pickle the green fruits into vinegar and eat them like olives with salt and chili, as they do with unripe purple mombin. The observed and expected heterozygosities ranged from 0. Two case studies of Neotropical canopy trees. Spondias was one of the first genera of Anacardiaceae described by Linnaeus Very rich in vitamins B 1 and C, the fruit mostly exists as an oval seed.

All the extracts exhibited anti-H. This is very much a lowland taxon, ranging only between — m elevation. In Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, Spondias mombin is evergreen Rodrigues and Samuelswhereas in other parts of its range, such as C Panama and NW Costa Rica, it can be facultatively deciduous for up to two months Croat a and Janzenrespectively. Spondias pinnata Koenig ex L.

The methanol extract of S. Figs 1619 ,