The “Home Queen” World’s Fair souvenir cook book: Looking at works from three or four different decades, what differences can you trace? Milner Fothergill and Horatio C. Health at home, or, Hall’s family doctor: What contemporary concerns are being addressed? This was part of the promotion of the professionalization and rationalization of many elements of American life in the latter half of the 19th century.

Cookery La Dining for moderns: Almanacs Ho The frugal housekeeper’s kitchen companion, or, Guide to economical cookery: How to feed the sick, or, Diet in disease: Cookery Ho The country cookbook: Goodfellow’s cookery as it should be.

C2 Ha The injurious effects of alum upon the human system when used in bread or baking powders, as shown by eminent authorities and as proven by experiments on man and animals.

The practical naturopathic-vegetarian cook book: Cookery Ho The country cookbook: What other prescriptions accompanied vegetarianism — temperance, avoidance of tobacco, sexual abstinence, exercise?

A collection of new and valuable family receipts: I will be a lady: Sangster ; with drawings by Griselda Marshall McClure.

How did meal plans change over the course of the course of time in the 19th and early 20th centuries? Babu to feed the sick, or, Diet in disease: Cookery Be Mother Hubbard’s modern cupboard.


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Does this change over time, and, if so, how? C2 Go Behaving; or, Papers on children’s etiquette. What shall we eat?

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The latest and best cook book: Cookery Ho How to feed the sick: What aspirations are catered to? What rhetoric is present in the prefaces and chapters? C2 Ca A new system of domestic cookery: What changes came with the spread of the railroads, with their ability to ship food long distances from producer to consumer?

Thesiis Ga A handbook of invalid cooking for the use of nurses in training-schools, nurses in private practice, and others who care for the sick: C2 Co The household treasure, or, The young housewife’s companion, containing complete instructions in, and receipts for preparing breakfast dishes, bread, biscuits, etc.

Boston school kitchen text-book: Oversize Cookery Bo.

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Cookery Ga One hundred and sixty culinary dainties: Cookery Gi The art of blending and compounding liquors and wines Tracing the changes in these practices allows the researcher to explore the intersections among these three sources of medical advice. Cookery Fu Handbook of domestic science and household arts for use in elementary schools: Exhibiting the fraudulent sophistications of bread, beer, wine, spiritous liquors, tea, coffee, cream, confectionery, Lutes; breakfast, luncheon, dinner, buffet supper.


C2 Fl Skuse’s complete confectioner: C2 Bu The American domestick medicine, or, Medical admonisher: Filipinno Sc Miss Leslie’s new cook book: C2 Wi Other Sources Pure food: C2 Pa What shall we have to eat?

Cookery Sk The compounder: In America, reformers and cookbook writers soon took up the cause. Cookery Ja Practical vegetarian cookery.