If you want a fresh start, you can reset your map. To remember your best spots restaurants, bars, museums There are a lot of things in store for our users. Nobody except you will be able to see it. Go to Account Settings in the Settings and Help section. You can choose to send it by text, email, Messenger, Whatsapp or even on mapstr directly!

Put this place as secret: To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies. If you are looking to use mapstr for professional reasons, please get in touch at partnerships mapstr. Modify your first or last name When you are on your map Upload a picture either from your Library or even take a selfie on the spot Save.

How to Remember Your Favorite Places on Your Travels

Modify your first or last name When you are on your map This time with the right email address. Compatibility Requires iOS Influencers can put their profile as public to avoid having to accept friend requests from their community. Once you are logged in. You can thus add friends by typing their username in the search bar.

I had to use a good old paper map marked with a pencil.

Mapstr wants to be the antithesis of Foursquare

Planning your trip should be simple and fun with Visit A City App. Add a place to your plab To add a place in mapstr you can do one of the following: Mapstr is the first free app entirely designed to let you save any place you want in just a few seconds.


Upload a picture either from your Library or even take a selfie on the spot Save. Review your Mobile and Email notification settings.

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Export your data from mapstr We do believe that you should be able to access your data any time your want, even outside of the app. We’re very sad to hear that! You can find it at any point in ‘My Maps’ in mapStore or in your friend’s list. All the maps that you have downloaded on mapStore. Currently on all iOS phones with at businsss iOS7.

La rude trajectoire des start-up françaises BtoC

But you can change them mappstr add your own information, such as the phone number or the website. To remember your best spots restaurants, bars, museums Could you try again?

Type directly on the search bar.

If you are not using mapstr as a business tool, you can switch on the public mode: Firstly, to find the team who share the same vision as you and who can help you executing your idea. Mapstr is the first mobile application for users to: You can check your map even if you’re completely offline. Once you are logged in Click on the left drawer where you see your tags.


mapstr business plan

The map will always be available in ‘My Maps’ of mapStore. With Mapstr you can build the map bhsiness your own world: Please check your email address before validating!

To permanently delete your account, follow these simple steps:. Otherwise, pick a photo that will help your friends to recognise you! Does your startup tackle challenges in: You can filter places by tags. Just to list a few, but in no particular order — there will be an iPad and iWatch version, Android version, proximity alert, and some in-app purchases.

Click on your profile right above your tags. Mastr you really want to remove that tag, you need to remove it from all places first.

mapstr business plan