How many stories was this building originally? During an earthquake the ground shakes and can destroy very large buildings, roads, and almost everything else. KS3 Hazards Physical processes. Very seismically active area, at the junction of three tectonic plates What happened?: Assure prompt assistance to victims.

The more you have published, the greater…. Smallest country in Central America with less people than London. Shop Shop We are currently experiencing problems with our payment gateway. San Francisco, dead 2, homeless 6. Secondary effects 63 fatalities, 3, injuries and 12, homeless Upper deck of Freeway collapsed onto lower deck, causing 42 fatalities 1. Write a report on the Gujarat earthquake. Facts Emergency services, such as hospitals and the fire service, are not well-prepared to deal with a large-scale disaster.

Strengthening new buildings by: Advertise with us Advertise with us Do you want your campaign to reach thousands of teachers? Shudy accept our apologies for the disruption. Population density rural or urban area The more densely populated an area, the more likely there are to be deaths and casualties. Two major earthquakes within 1 month, plus thousands of aftershocks. KS4 Hazards Teaching tools. This causes the Himalayas to rise by 5mm a year.

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This movieshows the shaking intensity and movement of seismic waves during the quake. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Register for free Register below to become a free member of Teachit Geography As a free member, you’ll have access to: What happens at plate margins? Transport links are damaged. File name or number.

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Another major earthquake zone is through. Comparing the effects of flooding in richer and poorer countries To describe the main causes, effects and responses of the two case studies F-D To categorise. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

California Case Study by Tansy Lloyd-Benson on Prezi

Latest resources Latest resources Find our most recent geography teaching resources. Forgotten username If you joined online with an individual account, your username is your earthsuake address. Direction and distance Direction and distance Understand how distance and direction can be shown on maps with our resources on compass directions and scale lines.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

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medc earthquake case study san francisco

Time of day Influences whether people are in their homes, at work or travelling. Remember to get full marks in a case study answer you need to learn specific facts and figures and include locational detail i.


If you would like to arrange payment now, please phone us on …. An engaging maze activity to assess knowledge of earthquakes. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Introduction to map skills Introduction to map skills Investigate what maps are and how they cawe be used including different types of maps and mapping your area.

This is where as the ground lost its sheer stength and acted more like a liquid as water moved up through the sediments resulting in reduced strength and causing buildings to collapse due to lack of support.

Minimise loss of life Minimise disruption of critical services Minimise damage. Fukushima, Japan By Vicki and Ben.

medc earthquake case study san francisco

Posted by Mr Chambers at 5: Prediction and prevention of the effects of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes By cas, the design of buildings and defences, planning and.