This research questions how Pedagogical content knowledge and classroom practices in developing a more problem-solving approach to their teaching. Eileen was then asked why she thought this may have developed. Teachers in Doone voluntarily gave their time participating in these meetings. Developing this understanding requires that both teachers and learners focus on the process of attempting to solve a problem rather than the product of the answer. During the planning meetings, teachers were more frequently articulating that they wanted students to understand the mathematical processes they were undertaking. Martin, a veteran classroom teacher who reported in his interviews that he embraced the Project Maths philosophy encouraging more communication within the class, was reticent about employing group work in his classroom.

A systematic review pp. Martin from sitting in a classroom observing how groups work it is easier to know what to expect, you know, when you go to do it yourself, but you observe how students learn In these student activities, the teacher acts as a facilitator of those discussions rather than as an unquestioned authority. Lisa Yea…em, now is that… thirty students, they will get a third which is ten and then half which is five… Ni Shuilleabhain, A. Lesson Study in practice: A new aspect of mathematical modelling 2nd ed.

Their colleagues came Ni Shuilleabhain, A.

ncca problem solving

Skip to main content. Walter also acknowledged that becoming a facilitator of learning required him to allow students more time to work by themselves. Teaching and Teacher Education, 24 3 Further research on these and other questions is important for understanding the possibilities and restrictions of models of teacher professional development.

Two communities of mathematics teachers in two post-primary schools were engaged in the practice of lesson study, where they collaborated in an iterative cycle of planning, teaching, observing and reflecting on research lessons.

This approach was then developed to using the more abstract strategy of Array Models to factorise quadratic expressions and teachers hoped this would give students a better understanding of factorising quadratic expressions.

The culture of mathematics education in the republic of Ireland: Lisa a third go down on Monday, what fraction of the whole class goes down on Monday? After two lesson study cycles, one in which he taught the research lesson with students in groups rpoblem then had to present their work to the class, his negative opinion of group work appears to have changed.


Vehicle to Connect Theory, Research, and Practice: Toward a theory of teacher community. This feature of situated realism also requires that any model of professional development adopted should be adaptable in order to best exist and flourish within that particular environment.

Shulman, and classroom practices are described proble, upon examples from the research data within a frame of developing slving problem solving approach.

Project Maths – A fresh approach for changing times

Although some developments are evident in the Irish context, many teachers are finding it difficult to meaningfully engage with the curriculum reform process in changing their classroom practices.

Walter Since then probably if I have set a task I have probably let the task run for longer than I would have previously, I think I’d always have been very much Ni Shuilleabhain, A. Such teaching and learning approaches have developed, it can be argued, in order to achieve the necessary grades in the final post-primary examinations.

Junior Certificate Mathematics Syllabus: Many teachers in their interviews agreed that their focus on student thinking nccca increased as the lesson study cycles continued.

Problem-solving in Maths

Developing a student lens Teachers see classrooms through different lenses depending on their experiences, educational philosophies and cultural backgrounds V. Doone School Doone School were one of the initial phase 1 schools involved in the curriculum reform.

Six of the eight mathematics teachers in the mathematics department participated in the research.

Taking a risk Dudley, in attempting to change their role from a fountain of knowledge telling students what to do, to a solfing of learning guiding and scaffolding students towards a learning objective became easier since teachers were supported by their colleagues within the lesson study group.

This perhaps indicates that lesson study, if given the structural support to continue, could expand as a professional development model with teachers voluntary including themselves in the professional development model. In Doone School, it was extremely difficult to find solging time that suited all teachers in the group and hence many meetings were held after school or during a class period where a teacher found a substitute to take their class.


Project Maths – A fresh approach for changing times

At the beginning of the year, Owen in Doone was adamant that he did not like his students working in groups. The teacher community also developed in deciding that their administrative duties could be condensed into mostly e-mail correspondence and that zolving meeting time could therefore be better utilised by discussing their teaching approaches and classroom practices.

ncca problem solving

All references to participating teachers proglem pseudonyms and summary profiles of the teachers are given below. Teachers College Record, 6 Then, I explore the literature on teacher community and its relation to the practice of lesson study as a form of professional development.

These informal groups provide a starting point in this research where post-primary mathematics teachers from a school collaborate in lesson study and investigate issues of teaching and learning in their own classrooms and examine their classroom practices. Improving mathematics instruction through lesson study: The length of meetings varied often in Crannog where a common suitable period was difficult to arrange for teachers. Dave and his colleagues in Crannog engaged in a discussion noting how different all of the groups within their first research lesson were in attempting to decipher that quadratic pattern.

However, teachers in both schools experimented with this approach and focused on asking students solvin rather than giving them the information without challenging their understanding.

ncca problem solving

The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 16 1 ,