Subscribe to the Newsletter Get the information first. Anonymous 15 April at Then, you can start wait for good news. Dr Purva Pius 18 February at I graduated from Monash University Malaysia and all I had to do is tell them I am applying for exemptions and they prepared all the documents for me. The letter stated we need to response within 30 days, what if over 30 days and still not over a year after my graduation?

FYI, “pendaftar bahagian akademik universiti” is where you will be given your hard copy certificate after your convocation ceremony. Posted by isroxck at They suggested me to send my application documents by pos laju to HQ if I want the process to be fa ster. Labels School Life Sharing. Wayne May 13, at 5: No harm to try ; It doesn’t cost you anything. Hi can i still apply for the exemption if I over 1 year of convocation?

You are welcome to share aplpication me here if you find out that actually we can ignore the reference number in the letter. For private university, refer to the content of my post above: Before making a dedication for an online car financing loan, think about the extra necessities.

[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT)

First, please once again make sure you are qualified for loan exemption based on the requirement from ptptnand apply for exemption once you have all required documents.

The repayment date is exekption your payday, hence the name payday loan.


official application letter ptptn exemption

Kendysia 13 September, Anonymous 24 May at Among the many pre-university programmes offered in higher educational institutions in Malaysia, A-Levels is one of the more popular choices that students go for. Anonymous 14 January at Dear all visitors, It is glad to see your comments in this blog. Because i applied since last year November Labels School Ocficial Sharing.

So the question here is. However, I’m able to finish the courses within the stipulated time period, do you know whether I am qpplication eligible for the conversion?

Pillow Talk Till Dawn: Repayment Exemption for PTPTN Loan

Hi Xaivier, Thanks for the very useful information here! Second, prepare and verify all needed documents. Hi Taren, I am sorry because I am not sure where can get the sijil akreditasi. But all application should be sent within one year after the date of graduation.

Articles Van-Guarding the Future: Therefore, for the sake of avoiding major mistakes, please refere to No. However, after 6 months you still don’t receive approval, start paying and call them to follow up your application status.

But for those from private university, a verified copy of program accreditation is required; and for those the degree certificate does not mention about “First Class Honours “, a verification letter is required to prove the certificate is equivalent to “First Class Honours” status.

Before you receive certificate, you can get preparation first, so that you can mail all documents immediately once you get your certicate.


Application letter for ptptn loan exemption – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hope to get your reply real soon. August 4, at 9: As mentioned to you previously, it’s a long process to get it successfully, and finally you got it, congratulation! Tan Chun Wei 11 March at Hi Chegiap, I think you can try to go to academic registry of your university to require the letter first. I still don’t think I will finish my study course in time.

official application letter ptptn exemption

Where else can i get? Hi there, would like to ask its ap;lication necessarily to pay the debts in advance after my study before the graduation ceremony.

I was total clueless to write the official letter in malay lol. I have applied loan in ; but I changed my study course petter You will need to repay the loan amount and the interest accrued on the repayment date as specified in the loan agreement.

Please check them from the article other question section. However, I haven’t apply for exemption from loan ogficial because I haven’t got my certificate and academic transcript yet.

official application letter ptptn exemption

This might be the one: