To the credit of his latest English critics this is acknowledged, and generously. Mention some of the evidence that goes to show that humankind has become quite comfortable with the sea. And then we come to such a writer as Pater, who used the essay for the ex- pression of exquisite artistic sensation. But this arrogance and inexperience were heathen. Handsome plumage; I still have the mat it made.

But the essence is throughout the same; it is personal sensation, personal impression, evoked by something strange or beautiful or curious or interesting or amusing. But he was compelled to do what he could to make both 37 W. The sea is both a monster and a comforter. Once you want to have an easy topic for an argumentative essay, get to know from the article below how to find simple subjects to write on. If there is one thing on which we sportsmen pride ourselves, and legitimately, it is a humane feeling toward all furred and feathered creatures — and, as every one knows, we are fore- most in all efforts to diminish their unnecessary sufferings. The work of the one is vital, the work of the other vitiated by inbreeding and the consumption of breathed air. If any beat a horse, you felt he saw — If any cursed a woman, he took note.

The poet is emotional in a reverential way; he is thrilled, he loves, he worships, he sorrows; but it is all essentially grave, because he wishes to recognise the sublime and up- lifted roberf of life; he wishes to free himself from all discordant, absurd, fantastic, undignified contrasts, as he would extrude laughter and chatter and comfortable ease from some stately act of cere- monial worship.

It flows with a rhythm at once charming and forceful.

seaside essay robert lynd

It was a very odd collection. I confess then that in hearing it, too, whisper: That Hawthorne’s seasidr morality had the vehemence of genius is shown by the fact that The Scarlet Letter still holds us under its spell in days in which moral values have subtly and swiftly changed.

Robert lynd essay seaside

I am not robertt sure that I could tell you where at this moment, for I am like a fellow who has come into great riches and is doubtful how he can squander them most gloriously.


The implacable curiosity of the novelist concerning causes that do not seem final has been amply dealt with by Mr. Middleton Murry, who is its present editor and a critic of insight. It certainly was beautiful.

Seaside essay by robert lynd

Oh, look at him! An English Teacher; M.

seaside essay robert lynd

That too is the world in which flowers and all animals are of equal import with mankind; it is the world of dragons in which the serpent of the first act would not seem to be made of paste- board, and in which all the magic would not seem to be mere conjuring.

Take the average number of my volumes owned by each of my patrons as two, assume the population of that town to be twenty-five thousand; the deduction was that — and as it was a cathedral city, full of learned people, the chances were nominally in my favour — in at least two or three houses of that town there existed copies of my books bought, paid for, probably read, possibly liked by the inhabitants.

Every time it sees a shell, it stops and picks it up and holds it for commendation from his parent He tries to distract the child’s attention from the shells by dancing and making faces.

How does this essay bring out certain observations about the sea which had been taken granted until this essay was written?

Robert Lynd Captures a Beautiful Atmosphere in the Essay “Sea Side”

He knew men, he knew politics, he knew business; and that knowledge is revealed in all he wrote. He is the first prose myth-maker of America, and he has left no successors in his kind.

It is a little criticism of life at some one point clearly enough defined. On the sea side numerous butterflies with their particular grandeur and idleness flying over the sand dunes and seaaside hills.

His profound eyes under their weary and compassionate lids burned with a sombre lustre; his wide firm mouth with its projecting lower lip wore an expression of imperial sadness, of amuse- ment, without joy, tenderness without aeaside, and pity without hope.


That is what he would have told the Prussians, after he had set them marching the goose-step backwards.

Ancient people regard sea as half-divine and half-monster. Possibly you, reader, were vourself one of them, and would have been delighted at one — I can’t promise you would have liked more than one — visit from so congenial an artist. The population of the United Kingdom was, say, fifty millions. When reading him sympathetically one recalls the saying of Maurice Barres: A ” lymd mystery.

After all, oughtn’t a 83 J.

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Then Before you buy this Product please take a look all this items here. It need not be only the sense of beauty; it may be the sense of fitness, of strange- ness, of completeness, of effective effort.

seaside essay robert lynd

He says that there are several risks and treacheries esday under the sea. And, side by side, the alpha and omega of the birds to be shot in these islands, a capercailzie and a quail. The women with black dress and black shawls over their heads wade up to their waists to catch shrimps. Lynd tells us about Perseus saving Andromeda from a water beast and about St.

She carried a pail to put it in, and a table- knife in her hand to dig the plants up by the roots, and she seaisde had an old sack in which she put every dry stick and chip of wood she came across. He may enjoy privacy, but he is no less delighted that people should see him enjoying it. He is more atmospheric than linear.