There could be no confusion if one of these had a different value. I agree with the first commentator – this stuff is more O’Level than A’Level. E’s here often leave physics. The first correct answer was No. So what do we physicists need to do? Perhaps the ‘bacc’ is nearer than we thought. Yet, culture when explored rigoriously, is far more intellectual and demanding than any undergraduate science course.

The tracking part was interesting, if a little tedious, but it felt mostly like it belongs in an MGS game. I tried my hand at teaching in a school a couple of years ago mathematics and was shocked by the number of biology teachers trying to cope with physics. If the question were write down the answer it would be a true test of understanding. A ball is thrown with a horizontal velocity of By the way, this is only the mechanics bit of the a-level, it does get harder, in fact some parts of the A-level were only inlcuded recently since they were discovered after O levels ;. With the aid of technology in schools and enhanced coursework books and media coverage they might well be better informed, although they may suffer from inferior teachers.

Where in the question does it say that? I shall have to ask my year-old daughter, who’s studying Physics at University College, London. I always found it hard, and had a special fear of “proof by induction” remember that?

Jy so students are doing better these days, but if the grades were remaining similar after all the recent extra funding then there would be need for concern.

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With the multiple choice options, this take about 10 seconds a question to mentally work out the ballpark figure and then pick the option that fits. The examples are straightforward that is true but the principles are there. I know when I took my A-levels in the late ‘s, that a fair few of my cohorts took Physics to make up their three or so subjects but always intended to focus more on, say, Chemistry, perhaps Biology or maybe even Mathematics at university.


A levels are pretty easy nowadays, my mom sat them in the s, when they were a darn sight harder With the aid of technology in schools and enhanced coursework books and media coverage they might well be better informed, although they may suffer from inferior teachers.

Yes it is like O-level because the old A-level was broken into AS and A2, the former to bridge the gap between GCSE and the latter to compensate was set to be slightly harder than the old style to compensate. With this in mind, even a rough calculation using Pythag’ shows that the answer must be C.

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Ok so i confess i went on to do a degree in Physics, and did work as a scientist at a certain research facility shown on TV last week, before studying theology and becoming a minister of religion but I still say it would have been more fun to have left them out. On one hand I have a variety of offers that build on and utilise the skills I’ve acquired on my degree. Will people realise the stupidity of this system only when every single child is in the A-C bracket?

As a nation that led the world into the greenhouse gas age, we need to be the ones to lead it out again, so all you Physicists who can, get into alternative energy quickly and intermediate technology work. Asking for “the speed at which it strikes the ground” is slightly ambiguous, almost implying that the vertical component of its velocity i.

The questions are multiple guess. Also, if you want to do A level as it should have been I know a lot less about the A and AS level course than most of you, not having started it yet, but find it disturbing to accept that I am subject to decreased ability, not to mention professional status, just because I was born during a period of poor education policy.


So I’ve joined the physics A-level group at Newsnight’s local college – and it’s not proving a simple matter. As a research physicist at a fairly prestigious UK university, I am completely disillusioned with the way things are going.

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The cultural legacy of the eighties, unlike the disastrous economic model, is difficult to shift away from. Religions have ALL failed this world and it is now quite apparent that none of them have any formidable answers for our dead society.

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If engineering and science is regarded as having the same validity and value as superstition then we will get the society we deserve. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: First, I forgot how to change the subject, 2nd, I forgot to square using pythagoras.

I spend my time trying out new ideas and finding ways of integrating ICT into my teaching. Is this a homedork of their university physics education? No redefinitions or rewriting, simply the required answer. Sorry but the horizontal speed would only be a red herring if the question had asked for the vertical component of the speed at which it struck the ground.

If they cannot do that, then they should become chemists, biologists or other lower forms of life. The two are inextricably linked!

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However, A2 is much harder so maybe some A2 questions should be put on this site too. I must confess that these questions are fundamentaly beyond me. What happened to ym good old cos and sin?