It aims to do so by supporting websites that seek to enlighten readers and provide diversity of opinion, so as to ignite passion and responsibility in nation-building. Some are attracted to the Workers’ Party not because they are against the PAP per se but because they share the belief that the Government needs checks and balances in order to be more responsive to the people. As host to the 28th SEA Games, our athletes won a tremendous medals. We are all identities in creation, and the end result will not be uniform. Like a bowl of salad, mixing more vegetables or fruits add flavour when their taste complements one another. The children, however, do not think of going out to play.

Increasing the work-life balance and productivity at the same time. So, my sense is that in the recent general election in Singapore, when there was a big swing back to the PAP, it would be inaccurate to say that the young voted differently from the old. Who would have thought that Singaporeans were once touted to be the most unhappy and unemotional people in the world? In other words, you and I are not cogs in a machine, or grains of sand, or drops in the ocean. My simple answer as to why I chose to live and put down my roots here, is that here I do not feel like a stranger. The Singapore government must thus take the lead to enhance the Community Integration Fund, encourage more organizations to spearhead community projects and work together to forge a mutual understanding among members of society.

Many personal stories, one Singapore identity

If public servants are given too much discretion to interpret rules, and become too creative, it will be a matter of time before our system degenerates into one where guanxi connections prevails. I am especially pleased that more xg50 our young now aspire to work in the social sector, so that they can help the underprivileged.

singapore sg50 essay

Singapore is my home because whoever I was, or am now, or want to be, I feel I can be that person here. Many Singaporeans signed up as volunteers and others involved by cheering for our athletes; some also brought their esaay children along to show them the Singapore spirit at work.


These collective stories can kindle a sense of “being Singaporean”, even if we cannot articulate or pin down specifics. TOC Ltd singapoe interested in the development of the online media sphere in Singapore, with the view of promoting an open and diverse media environment that values the constructive collaboration of ideas and views.

This implies recognising, not avoiding, our differences.

Enough to question and criticise the ruling party but not enough to deprive the ruling party of singapor two-thirds majority, let alone to form a government. Most jobs are in the service sectors and in the arts, music, sports, science, technology and academia. Many singaporw them have heard the Singapore national narrative. I am confident that Singapore can work together as a society to put our economy on a sustainable growth trajectory.

Hey, women can be soldiers too!

singapore sg50 essay

Few young people today have ever known him other than as the textbook father of independent Singapore. They spent a whole day explaining how innovation requires experimentation and repeated failures. The Monsoons Book Club is a non-profit-making esxay of concerned individuals interested in books and ideas relevant to the social, political and economic progress in the South East Asian. Increasing the work-life balance and productivity at the same time.

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Skip to main content. Many who dreamed it may not live to see the dream materialize, but the glimmer of hope that Singapore 2. Such s5g0 the cycle of life, of persons dying and babies being born. We may look, from the outside, to be less orderly and consensual than in the past.

But my first extended stay in Singapore, for more than a week or so at a time, was at the age essayy 20 when I came here for national service. There are more like Mr Lim now. In this way, SG50 is a special year of meaning for me because while we collectively commemorate Singapore’s 50 years of independence and simultaneously mourn the death of the first and last of our founding fathers Lee Kuan Yew, I shall also celebrate the arrival of my first grandchild. This is quite remarkable, seeing that they have excelled in, and are benefiting from, such a system.


What 18-year-olds tell us about Singapore’s future

I hope that this is partly because the students we see have self-selected themselves and that the private sector is getting its fair share of our top talent. The people must be critical but remain responsible and reasonable; the Government must welcome and not fear disagreement. PSC members are often dismayed and saddened when candidates reveal their ignorance on basic historical facts about Singapore.

The education system would be a good place to start. In each of us is the whole of Singapore. Why are our best students fearful of taking the less trodden paths? Only museums remind us of how our pioneers had to slog it out for a living — ancestors from the samsui women to the cardboard collectors and the tissue paper seller. The reduction of the average weekly working hours to 35 hours freed Singaporeans to engage in more fulfilling pursuits.

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With interest group for music lovers, nice songs with beautiful lyrics can be translated and shared. Finance was gradually eroded away by intelligent algorithms that traded capital far more cheaply, efficiently, and ethically than their forebears.

The exhibitions on our founding dg50 and a rather belated attempt to revise the way history is taught in our schools will go some way to fill the gaps. In a previous lecture, I proposed that we develop a uniquely Singaporean human development index which would measure our overall “well- being”, besides only having GDP as an indicator. I received my naturalised citizenship by a technicality – because my father was Ambassador of Singapore to Thailand and our home since childhood became, technically, sovereign Singapore territory.