The majority of students had not previously discussed the conference topics in their schools. Deloitte Critical Thinking Test Results: The irony here is that someone who has taken formal logic hyperseriously, so as to hone their CT skills with respect to deductive arguments, might easily suffer a lower score on the W-G as a result. If his account of CT were correct, one could not use CT to reason to any positive conclusion about what one ought to believe. This then would result in rating the probability of possible truth of inferences statements.

A TalentLens aptitude test may have some or all of such questions depending on the skills of the candidates that need to be evaluated as according to the job specifications. The time limit of this part is thirty minutes — more than enough to answer everything, look through and check again. The majority of students had not previously discussed the conference topics in their schools. You should know different skills and abilities that you might be evaluated for, as you might be facing the questions regarding these. Midwest Publications Critical Thinking Press. These three shorter versions are available in the U.

For example, learning the basic considerations of using experimental evidence to argue for or against an hypothesis in one area of science helps one to use empirical evidence to do likewise in other disciplines too, especially in other sciences.

Deloitte Critical Thinking Test: Pass at Your First Attempt

Reading the questions carefully and allocating each question its fair share tzlentlens time may help you choose the correct answer choice.

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Recognition of Assumptions — An assumption is something presupposed or taken for granted. You are to decide for each assumption whether a person, in making the given statement, talentlfns really making that assumption— that is, taking it for granted, justifiably or not.

Please note that this will not be a traditional psychometric critique of the W-G.

talentlens critical thinking test answers

Notice that we have two universal premises, and yet this would be a conclusion that commits us to the existence of at least one musician who spends long hours practicing and enjoying classical music. But I would argue that the answer should be PF: But two problems would still remain: There is no mention of how long this person has done this informal study. You will decide for each given statement whether the person mentioned in making the statement, is really making that assumption, for example taking it for granted, arguably or not.

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How to Pass TalentLens Aptitude Tests? |

Two hundred students in their early teens voluntarily attended a recent weekend student conference in a Midwestern city.

Undertaking these tests will help you become familiar with the format of the TalentLens aptitude tests and the timing conditions they come with.

These qualms have long been expressed Ennis,p. This latter answer might be characterized as nitpicking rather than recognizing assumptions, but it is still a logical possibility and, therefore, the assumption is not logically necessary, albeit it is enormously probable. While this is to be expected to some extent, since no CT assessment test can address all CT skills, shortening the test to 40 items only makes matters worse in this respect.

thinknig I should also mention that there is an inconsistency between two answers in this section on Form B: After each statement of facts, you will find several possible inferences—that is, conclusions that some person might draw from the stated facts…. The common TalentLens tests as fielded by different companies like Deloitte, E.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Successful Applicant will receive Deloitte job offer. The talentlehs, then, is to judge whether or not the premise provides a good reason to think that the proposed conclusion is true, if it provides any reason at all.

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Thimking judging whether a conclusion is a logical implication of a set of premises. For example, would you grant the speaker the existence of at least one member of the orchestra? Being aware of the job position and the role that you will be required to perform may help you identify tginking questions that you might be required to answer while appearing for an assessment center. As a group, the students who attended this conference showed a keener interest in broad social problems than do most other students in their early teens.

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talentlens critical thinking test answers

This is how well the test acts as a gauge that accurately measures, in this case, real CT skills. Your pace of answering the test must be directly proportional to the total number of questions to be answered and the time available.

Statements are what can be true or false. The willingness to judge that a conclusion follows, given reasonable existential commitments, is especially important in one of the exercises on Form B omitted on Form E: