The regular paper page length limit is defined at 14 formatted transactions pages, including references and author biographies. Dear Professor X, please find attached our manuscript “A Note on Piffles”, which we would like to submit for publication as an original research article in your journal Wuffle Review. Longer submissions must be approved by the EIC, up to 20 pages maximum. However, requesting or excluding reviewers can assist the editor by providing them a head start on determining which individuals can serve as potential reviewers. Scroll down the page until you reach the “keywords” box.

Reviewers shall treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information not to be disclosed to others before publication. While TSE does not limit the length of submissions, please note that MOPC will apply to regular papers longer than 12 double column pages. Please do not attempt to submit the same paper into the system more than one time. All text and figures must be owned and created by the author, except possibly for material such as text passages, figures, and data that clearly identify the original source, with permission notices from the copyright owners where required. Brief contribution — 8 double column pages Comments paper — 2 double column pages Survey paper — 20 double column pages [Note: Page length restrictions not only encourage authors to submit concise papers that readers will appreciate, but they help to keep the review process timely and maintain uniform editorial standards and consistency with page budgets. But these are top journals.

tkde cover letter

Please also provide a brief description of the differences between the submitted manuscript and the preliminary version s. Hi Jefrey, Thanks a lot for your insightful comments. Reviewers shall treat the contents of papers under review as privileged information not to be disclosed to others before publication. IDA is in my opinion a second or third tier journal. Before online submission, papers were submitted by sending a hard copy via postal mail to the editor-in-chief in person, not via a journal.


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Using the keywords from the keyword list is essential to the review process because Manuscript Central links them to names of potential reviewers who are associated with that area of expertise, thereby expediting the review process. Any typographical errors may be addressed with the production editor during the proofing stage.

You can request review in which your identity is also kept from the reviewers. Besides, Microsoft offers two metrics for ranking: This is called a double-blind review. Fast-track conference paper — 14 double column pages Submissions may be up to 18 pages in length, subject to MOPC.

,etter submissions will be immediately rejected.

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TKDE makes a concerted effort to keep the review time to a minimum that is consistent with keeping TKDE ‘s reputation for quality and integrity. In the course of the process, they’ve asked for a cover letter. Double-Blind Review The peer review process assures the anonymity of the reviewers.

Christian Clason Christian Clason 4, 1 19 In such journals, the editor will decide, based on the cover letter and a brief look at the work, whether to reject the paper or pass it to review.

tkde cover letter

With regards, Syed Javeed, Full time research Scholar. Does ScholarOne Manuscripts expedite the peer review process? In principle, any information contained in a cover letter should also be put somewhere into the submission form, so those can be of some guidance.

The following policies shall be implemented by the Publication Services and Products Board and followed by editors and authors:. If the image has been published elsewhere, authors must secure permission from the publisher and pay any necessary fees required.


Papers are accepted for review with the understanding lettdr the same work has been neither submitted to, nor published in, another journal or conference. Scroll down the page until you reach the “keywords” box.

Please see our guidelines below for file specifications and information. This work has not been submitted elsewhere.

We prefer to have copies of all preliminary versions, including those published in workshops and abstracts published elsewhere. Submissions must include the following elements: It is expected that no one with access to a paper under review will make any inappropriate use of the special knowledge which that access provides. You may then select the keywords that apply to you from the list provided.

tkde cover letter

Is there a limit to the number of papers that I can submit? It also welcomes papers that comment on previously published papers as well as surveys of the software engineering literature. In addition, the following material must be submitted along with the paper: If an appendix makes a manuscript exceed the page limit, you will be asked to designate the appendix as supplemental material. No OA payment is required. Bibtex information for TKDE papers is available at http: Of course there are computer science journals that leyter publish data mining that are much more prestigious: