Ibrahim , Asma Abolgasim Elmahdi Intraventricular haemorrhage: Extract And Its Fractions. Knowledge Management Processes As Mediator. A Molecular Modelling Study. Husin, Fitrien The effect of hydrocotyle sibthorpioides lam. Tarmast, Daniel Effects of commbined sago-soy supplementation on cycling time trial performance in the heat.

Halim, Ani Darwina Correlation of vascular stenosis with hemodialysis parameters in native arterio-venous fistula AVF , pre and post percutaneous transluminal angioplasty PTA. Mat Aripin, Azzuani A study on the waiting time and processing time of green zone cases when triage by a doctor applied to edhusm. Ahmad, Siti Amarlena Study of hydrogen sulfide H2S adsorption by using coconut shell activated carbon. Batch And Fixed Bed Column. Shahid, Fazal Determination of tooth size and arch dimension in a pakistani population: Mohamad, Marhazlina The role of maternal serum and breast milk adipokines in determining postpartum and infant adiposity development.

Husin, Fitrien The effect of hydrocotyle sibthorpioides lam. Amrank, Fitreena Anis The relationship of P53 gene mutation with clinicopathological characteristic in breast cancer. Peng, Lee Geik Malaysian radiographers administering intraveneous contrast media injection: Subki, Noor Syuhadah Environmental contamination by batik wastewater and the potential application of activated carbon from pineapple waste for wastewater treatment.

Fathma Abdullah, Nurul Ain Detection on common deletional alpha thalassaemia in pregnant women by polymerase chain reaction techniques. Ramli, Mohd Khairulizwan A study on pain management of thesiw colic patient in emergency department: Appadurai, Shri Kapilan Outcome of neck of femur fracture in elderly treated non operatively in Hospital Selayang.

Zulkifly, Nurazila Antiproliferative effevcts of quercus infectoria galls extract and its mechanism of cell death on cervical cancer HELA cells.

Wee Min, Teh Effect of systemic oxygen as supplement therapy on corneal epithelial wound healing in diabetic patients after pars plana vitrectomy. Characteristics, Motivations And Repatriation Factors. Nordin, Noorlina Nonerosive reflux disease: Hassan, Muhammad Hafiz Effect of the bagging configuration on the hp of vacuum-bagging-only VBO – Oven cured in complex-shaped composites.



Ee, Chan Shiao Development of a dna-based method for simultaneous detection of acinetobacter baumannii, antimicrobial resistance genes and its genotypes by dna fingerprinting. Saad, Shahzuwaty A study on safety culture: Employee Satisfaction As Mediator.

Rajan Naidu, Ravindera Reddy A 10 year retrospective evaluation of boey score in patients with perforated peptic ulcer in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia January December Erbil City — Iraq. Wan Sulaiman, Wan Nur Hidayati A study on the potential of rambutan and tehsis in chemoprevention activity on osteosarcoma cell lines. Che Ishak, Zahniyah Ventilator-associated pneumonia vap in intensive care unit: Rashid, Noor Khalilah Abdul Synthesis, characterization and optimization of Supported carbon molecular sieve membrane from polyetherimide.

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Hamdan, Nor Faeiza Combined effects of Lignosus Rhinocerus Tiger Milk Mushroom supplementation and resistance training on isokinetic muscular strength and power, anaerobic and aerobic fitness level, and immune functions among young males. Yin, Choo Chin Functional outcome of proximal fibular grafting after wide resection of distal radius tumour in HUSM hhesis year to Euxian, Lee A case control study on relationship of colorectal cancer and smoking exposure in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Talib, Norain Association between ankle-brachial systolic index, pulse oximetry gradient index and CT angiogram of lower limb among type 2 diabetic for detecting peripheral arterial disease.

usm hbp thesis

Samsuri, Norlyiana Cognitive response to the display design of auto dealer’s advertisement – a study of neuromarketing perspective. Tan, Ybp Nee Some explicit bases of riemann-roch spaces for algebraic geometry codes.



Ahmad Alwi, Akmal Azim A prospective multicentre single-blinded randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of chitosan sponge versus allevyn on exudative wounds. Peng, Tang Suk Effects of tualang honey on paraquat intoxication in rats. Ismail, Nurizzati Peranan warna dalam budaya tradisional melayu dengan rujukan kepada sulalat al salatin.

Mohd, Fahmi Nazrin Percentage of time in therapeutic thssis and proportion of thromboembolic event in nonvalvular atrial fibrillation patient on warfarin.

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Hussain, Noor Aini Kesan modul pendidikan kesihatan dalam meningkatkan kepuasan hidup kalangan perawat keluarga yang merawat pesakit strok kali pertama di rumah. A Collective Case Study. Sidek, Mohd Syahiran Mohd Teleneurosurgery: Ab Rajab, Nur Shafawati Genome-wide snp microarray analysis among Malay sub-ethnic groups in peninsular Malaysia. Ali, Thedis The self-efficacy for coping and quality of life women with breast cancer in Hospital Universiti Malaysia.

Jamial, Muazah Mat Hbo blood pressure monitoring HBPM effect on office blood pressure and medication adherence among hypertensive patients attending primary care clinic in university hospital. Sivagurunathan, Premala Devi The effect of honey cocktail supplement on macular thickness, retinal nerve fiber layes thickness and optic berve head parameters in post-menopausal women.