By choosing a CC licence during the publication process, you can easily set legally binding conditions regarding the use and further use of your publication. You may add more persons or delete them by clicking on the according button. Liste von PDF-Software bzw. Language required field Please enter the language of your document. Only the German version is the official version. Year of publication Please enter the year of the document’s publication.

By clicking on the ‘detailed’ button, you can choose from a more detailed listing within a faculty. Please enter your contact details in case of any questions. Already published documents shall not be deleted from the server. Dissemination Electronic publication is available from all over the world at any time and accessible free of charge. They made a significant intellectual contribution to the resource which is secondary in relation to that of the author s or creator s e.

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Offer medium and strive to knline out of frederick douglass essay writing service raleigh nc. No difference is made between sounds, noises and music. Conference reports and paper, conference lectures, proceedings as well as other conference contributions such as abstracts and posters. Documents that have not undergone one of FAU’s internal quality assurance processes, do not meet the requirements for final papers and theses given above and have not been reviewed by the Academic Advisory Board see http: The document type Part of a book represents documents that were created as part of a monographic work, such as chapters or contributions to oonline editions.

The non-exclusive right of use entitles the holder to use the work in the specified manner without excluding use through other parties. Not trying to them vg wort dissertation help. Preprint The document type Preprint includes preliminary scientific or technical papers that are not to be diszertation in an institution’s series but in a scientific journal or as part of a book.


Die Exemplare werden zeitnah hergestellt. The required details can be found on the cover or in the publisher details.

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Not sure if you have managed to first series pdf. In such cases, diissertation enter the earliest date from which we may publish your document in this field. You may add more titles or delete them by clicking on the appropriate button. In simple searchseveral search words are automatically connected with ‘and’.

Ingrid Schenker Creation of websites: Inflation in california, professional academic help. Digital preservation is dependent on the availability of the format, the viewing veröffentlivhung as well as conversion options; the German National Library already performs the digital preservation of doctoral and postdoctoral theses. Your work will be checked by Library staff according to Library guidelines and quality standards before it is published on the OPUS server and made permanently accessible to the public.

Further accepted file formats include: If no description of contents has been written, the introduction, summary, table of contents or similar may also be entered. If authors who have voluntarily published their work should desire a correction, they must re-publish the document. Sound The document type Sound means a resource that is mainly for listening purposes, such as music files, audio CDs, voice or sound recordings.


JavaScript JavaScript elements, like cookies, are used to manage the display of dynamic information. The complete English onlinr is embedded as an attachment within the PDF file.

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Your document may only be published i. The creator’s right of use may be reserved.

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Examples are images and photographs of objects, paintings, prints, drawings, other pictures and graphics, diagrams, cards and notes. Certain standards should be observed when citing, e. Here they can be used to combine different search words within one search field.

vg wort dissertation online veröffentlichung

Institutes Document types e. The document type Image is for visual representations. You may add more institutes by clicking on the button ‘Add one more institute’. Usage rights Non-exclusive usage rights: Websites credited to an disserattion reflect the opinions and insights of that author. According to the recommendations of the German Science Council regarding the provision of digital information by university libraries, all FAU researchers are advised to reserve the right to self-archive on OPUS FAU when entering into publishing contracts and to additionally publish the documents they authored – possibly after a retention period – on the publication server.

Der Dokumenten- und Publikationsserver dient der Publikation, dem Nachweis und der langfristigen Archivierung von Dokumenten aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft.